We Will Remember Them

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Moral courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men. (George Patton)


Discipleship in the Religion of Consumerism


Do I define myself by what I own/consume? My buying power? My status amongst consumers? Am I obedient to consumer trends and PC behaviours promulgated by media/advertisers? Do I believe what the media tells me because I am a disciple...? Th...ey spend trillions $ to indoctrinate me... have they succeeded? Am I leading my kids down the same path...intellectual laziness and a profound lack of interest in objective truth?

(I don't think I do...)


Quebec's Bishops' Assembly : Snobs Without A Cause

How not surprising that the head of Quebec's Bishops Assembly, Martin Veillette, takes potshots at Cardinal Oullette as he leaves for Rome. They have a history of difference. Cardinal Oullette unabashedly speaks truth. Martin Veillette is at best 'fuzzy'. Could there be a clearer example of the cause and the remedy to Quebec's societal degeneracy?

John Pacheco at SoConOrBust has an excellent article on Veillette's past and present 'fuzziness', and his unfortunate political attack on the lauded Cardinal:
“There are times”, the bishop says, “when it’s important to keep silent.” Indeed, the silence of the Quebec bishops on life issues these past 50 years makes you wonder if they will ever break their self-imposed and bogus vow of silence. You’d think that seeing their culture being completely destroyed would cause them to open their mouths and actually teach the Gospel of Life once in a while.

But why don’t they? Well, folks, the bishop tells us: “it’s a bit delicate“.

Can we expect Martin Veillette to be the next Quebec clergyman to run for office?

Because that's probably his best chance at 'promotion'...


Happy 'Not As Many Canadians As There Should Be' Day !

As we celebrate the 143rd birthday of our beautiful country , with our families and friends, let us remember all those Canadians who never have celebrated anything in life - having been denied life - by our beautiful country.

"Annual Abortion Rates In Canada":
In 2005, the latest year on record, 96,815 abortions were performed on Canadian women. More than three million unborn babies have died from abortion in Canada since 1969, when abortion was first decriminalized. Statistics Canada tables show a recorded total of 2,822,293 abortions between 1969 and 2005. Assuming an annual average of 100,000 abortions for 2006 and 2007 (and recognizing that reported numbers since 2000 reflect about 90 percent of abortions) the total number of abortions is more than three million.

More than one million abortions (1,010,586) were performed between 1970 and 1987. In 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down all remaining restrictions on abortion. Statistics Canada recorded 70,868 abortions in 1988. That number jumped 29% over the next two years to 91,476 in 1990. By 1992 it had risen to 101,726, a 44% increase in four years. Abortions continued to increase annually to a recorded high of 111, 526 in 1997—in the nine years following the Supreme Court decision, the number of abortions in Canada increased by a total of 57%....

Seniors Could Outnumber Children Within Years..." (CBC)

Canada Demographics Profile 2010


"Can I Live?"

American celebrity, Nick Cannon is best known for his starring role in the film Drumline as well as his marriage to Mariah Carey. In Cannon’s music video for his single, Can I Live, he steers clear from common rap themes like money and fame and focuses on another issue, life. Can I Live is about the beginning of Nick Cannon’s life, the very beginning. In the video, Cannon portrays a ghost urging his mother not to go through with her planned abortion, reciting lines like, “300 dollars that’s the price of living…what?” and “You can tell he’s a star from the ultrasound.” The end of the video is the most compelling. Cannon appears with his very own mother, hugging her and reaffirming that the decision she made to support life, was the right one.


Andrea Bocelli Was Worth The Risk

This story demonstrates how long it has been normal for doctors to advocate death rather than care. We must all know who our caregivers are, and be careful to have someone who values life, taking care of our loved ones. In Canada, that might be a member of Canadian Physicians For Life.


"Be Strong"

As a homeschooling Mom, it is sometimes difficult to keep the kids focused on their coursework. And sometimes I forgive their distractions...

(written and produced by Paul and Edward Westin)


"Oh Canada, You Fell Asleep On Me"

Its been an interesting week in the land of loud liberals and quiet Christians (that would be Canada). The end result of the media and public 'servant' freak out over a Catholic clergyman expressing Catholic beliefs OUT LOUD in Quebec , is that the Quebec politicians are proposing that the federal gov't ensure the safety of all Canadian ears from hearing such free speech ever ever again!


American blogger Jimmy Akin sees this whole 'out of the closet' totalitarianism of the liberals, as a cautionary tale. How long before the American public becomes as quiet and docile as the Canadian? How long before Americans undergo a 'Christian Heritage Lobotomy'?

Not long folks, not long. And if you think a 'somewhat' conservative gov't will save you, check Canada again. (What's lined up for 2010+ isn't going to be good enough.)

It remains to be seen exactly how much more of this 'in your face' anti-freedom stuff can go on in the name of 'choice', without a backlash from non-sheeples ...

Which reminds me of a Marci McDonald joke :
Her book.
Not exactly original material, although its interesting that she is trying to make a buck by selling this old claptrap in Canada. No doubt she will (make a buck.) There's nothing Canadians like more than to give money to a deserving liberal.


"Not In My Name..."

(aborted 9 week old human fetus)

"For years and years the government has funded abortions, supplied abortions, paid for them (since I started paying taxes) with my money. It wasn’t done in my name. And frankly, I don’t love the blood on my hands. In fact, this group was started so that women like you wouldn’t be the only ones to stand up at the time of the Morgentaler anniversary, to make a claim of “victory for women’s rights” as if you spoke for women everywhere. See, here’s the problem. You and your friends have been purportedly “representing” me in politics and the public square for quite some time. But you never did. It was frustrating, yes..."

If you have found yourself frustrated by the radical culture of death presuming to 'represent' you, in the name of 'all women', check out ProWomanProLife , and add your name to the "Not In My Name" list...



Incrementalism And The Intent Of John Paul II

This has been an interesting week. In between homeschooling children and my Mother-in-law's visit, I have been participating in a family e-mail discussion about the 'correct' interpretation of Evangelium Vitae regarding the morality of supporting legislation about abortion that is not ideal.

In Canada, unlike just about the whole rest of the world, there is currently no law on the books either allowing or disallowing abortion. On the other hand, abortions are publicly funded. (So its as if abortion were equivalent to any other 'allowable' medical procedure). A proposed law forbidding abortion after 20 weeks, was not supported by Campaign Life Coalition, and its failure to make it through the process into law, is at least partially attributed to CLC, by supporters of the bill.

I thought the article by Paul Tuns in 'The Interim' was pretty good, but it was really the 'jumping off' spot for our whole discussion, with some arguing that CLC's reasoning was incorrect 'theologically' and was merely a matter of strategy - therefore not a good enough reason to forestall 'progress'. Others argued that CLC was correct in strategy, and that also, support of the bill would not be acceptable as incrementalism (as per JPII).

In support of the latter viewpoint I would like to highlight a particular concern of mine, which JPII mentions :
In other cases, it can happen that carrying out certain actions, which are provided for by legislation that overall is unjust, but which in themselves are indifferent, or even positive, can serve to protect human lives under threat. There may be reason to fear, however, that willingness to carry out such actions will not only cause scandal and weaken the necessary opposition to attacks on life, but will gradually lead to further capitulation to a mentality of permissiveness.

Its the morality we are discussing. I am not convinced that the proposed law is an incremental change that is either 'good' or 'moral'. Perhaps I do not have a good enough understanding of this, Evangelium Vitae (par#73-74) , and/or Canadian law. (Very probable!)

As much as I am able to discern positively thus far, can be summarized: we are not the only ones who have differing views in spite of equal commitment to life and the Catholic faith.
...Both Fisher and Rowland emphasized that Church teaching is “very underdeveloped” in this area. Bishop Fisher had attended a symposium in Rome on Evangelicum Vitae 73 in February of 2004....
....Bishop Fisher said that at this symposium two top notch, orthodox theologians presented completely opposite views and neither could be considered “wrong” in light of current Church teaching (although Fisher privately agreed with one over the other). The bishop noted that only about 9 scholarly works exist on the subject and that he has read them all. In other words, there is, as yet, no authoritative interpretation of EV 73 to guide us.

This exercise is all positive. Its something that faithful believers do... try to develop their understanding of God's will in their lives. I am immeasurably grateful that I belong to such a family.

However, if anyone one knows of the existence of an 'authoritative interpretation' of EV 73 to guide us, I would also be grateful!



"Intellectual Lameness"

Commentary on the Dawkins/Hitchens hysteria about the Pope:

This is what drives their war against religion: an instinct for ridiculing those who still, unlike contemporary secularists themselves, have an overarching outlook on life and a strong belief system. That is really what they find so alien about the Catholic Church in particular – its beliefs, its faith, its hierarchy. An atheism utterly alienated from the mass of humanity and from any future-oriented vision can only lash out in an extreme and intolerant way against those who still seem to have strong beliefs: the religious, or the ‘deluded ones’, as the New Atheists see it.


U of Calgary : Letter from Alumnus

Dr. Warren Veale,
Interim Pres. U of Calgary

Dear Sir;

The fact is that Albertans are overwhelmingly in favour of protection
under law of unborn children from any form of violence against them,
whether attacked by knife-wielding boyfriend of the mother, or the
forceps and cutting devices of an abortionist. Lack of protection for
the child in Canadian law, however, should not deter a discussion of
law, with life or death implications, especially at institutions of
higher learning. Surveys favouring protection of unborn children range
from 75% to over 90% in Alberta, depending how the question was asked.
Albertans understand that the unborn children have a high probability of
suffering death from lack of law in Canada and they want the situation

As a former unborn child, if the present state of lawlessness was
present when your mother carried you in her womb, perhaps you'd have
been the victim. Instead, you can thank her on Mothers Day. I urge
you, on behalf of Albertans and unborn children everywhere in Canada, to
put your best instincts into action to stand up to the radical leftists
who protest that conversations may not be held on U of C campus on this
subject. Take the steps to establish a civilized dialogue at U of
Calgary about the rights of children to be kept alive until their birth.

The young people you have allowed to be persecuted by Student Union,
radical leftist university staffers and professors, should be treated
with respect, if not with awe, for their courage in defense of voiceless
victims. Two hundred thousand per year is the rate at which innocent
babies die in Canada. Are they dying for population control, to please
United Nations? Canada needs more people, not less! Is their cause of
death an ideology that has no right or wrong? Since when does Canada
not have a conscience? What is the university doing to discover why
babies have to die, when over 100,000 couples per year apply to adopt a
child? What a crime, that no Canadian babies are available for adoption
because of no protection in law during gestation.

Surely, expelling your best and brightest students does not add to a
solution for the brutality of abortion. I say best and brightest
because they are the ones who see the issue clearly and have the ability
to express for the unborn, in a thought-provoking and articulate manner,
that God-given rights are violated and lives are unnecessarily taken,
when institutions like yours become blind and heartless.

Kindest regards,

James Edward Mullen
BSc. '62, U of A

Calgary Circus School : Part II

The University of Calgary 'powers that be' are so determined to keep a puritanically abortion welcoming atmosphere at their school, that they can't allow a dozen or so students to continue attending...in case they educate someone about the ugly reality of abortion while on campus:

John Carpay- Advocate
The University of Calgary has taken its war on free speech to a new front, charging its own students with "non-academic misconduct" for having erected a pro-life display on campus on April 8.

The group has put up the GAP display, which compares abortion to past historical atrocities through the use of graphic images, on the University of Calgary grounds without incident eight times since 2006.

In 2009, the university charged six students with trespassing in relation to the display, but the crown prosecutor stayed these charges prior to a trial scheduled for November 2009. The university has threatened participating students with non-academic misconduct charges on the occasion of each display, but this is the first time they are following through with their threat.

UofC has attempted to force the club to turn their signs inwards so they are not facing passersby, but CPL has refused to comly. Leah Hallman, CPL's president, told LifeSiteNews (LSN) that UofC's demand “is essentially saying that we can speak as long as nobody can hear us, we can show images as long as nobody can see them.”

Hallman explained that on April 8th campus security ordered them to turn their signs inward, but they refused as they always have. Then security told them to leave the campus and the students again refused, “knowing that we have the right to be there.”

UofC is charging the students with having failed to comply with an order from campus security, but according to Hallman, “campus security has no right to censor our ... legitimate free speech.”

Calgary Herald
No, they're not backing down, and short of being physically carted away by U of C campus security, they'll continue their fight, steadfast in their belief they live in a society where speaking out is a right, not a privilege.

U of C Campus Prolife press conference:
History will not remember what illegitimate excuse they used, other than as a derogative footnote; but history will remember their transgression against freedom, and it is upon this that posterity shall judge them.

So let the university do whatever action their twisted worldview sees fit, for we fear not the judgment of tyranny.

see also:
Calgary Circus School (part one)
U of C Student Leaders Embarrassingly Conformist


Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha

Archbishop Prendergast writes about Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha :
Today in Canada the liturgy allows for the optional memorial of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, the Lily of the Mohawks.

During the recent CNEWA familiarization tour, Archbishop Alex J. Brunett of Seattle shared with us the news that a miracle undergone by a young man in his region, and attributed to the intercession of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, seems to have passed all the medical and scientific tests as being inexplicable.

This information was recently sent to Rome for study and, if determined to be a miracle by the Congregation of the Causes of Saints and confirmed as such by the Holy Father, could lead to her canonization. This would be great news for the Native Peoples of not only the United States and Canada but also for all the indigenous peoples of the Americas and elsewhere...

O God, who, among the many marvels of Your Grace in the New World, did cause to blossom on the banks of the Mohawk and of the St. Lawrence, the pure and tender Lily, Kateri Tekakwitha, grant we beseech You, the favor we beg through her intercession, that this Young Lover of Jesus and of His Cross may soon be counted among the Saints of Holy Mother Church, and that our hearts may be enkindled with a stronger desire to imitate her innocence and faith. Through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Our eldest daughter was born while we were living in Saint Theresa Point, Manitoba - a fly-in community, part of a Cree reservation. She was named Margaret Rose Kathleen after her mother and her grandmothers, but also because we were thinking of Blessed Kateri. She was baptized(snug in her tikanogan) in St. Theresa Point, by Fr. Antonio Alberti, along with about seven other babies, several of whom were named Kateri Tekakwitha. Our three years in St. Theresa Point were very formative for our young family, and we owe a debt to them for developing our sense of Catholic community and mission.


Fiscal Conservatives Take Heed...

Can 'fiscally but not socially' conservatives ever truly succeed?

Regular Guy thinks not...

"Imagine if you will a society that embraced abortion, euthanasia, easy divorce and gay marriage, and that denigrated family life and religious faith. Could such a society, placing personal pleasure above family responsibility, ever show enough self-reliance to adopt fiscally conservative policies geared towards smaller government and lower taxes? I have a pretty good imagination, but I can’t imagine that. Could such a society find among its numbers enough young men with the courage and spirit of self-sacrifice to maintain its ability to defend its borders and its interests? I don’t believe so.

Likewise, would a people who turn first to government for the answer to every problem be likely to show the sense of responsibility necessary to defend life and family? I seriously doubt it..."

I agree.

(h/t Pro Ecclesia Pro Familia Pro Civitate )


"Oh Canada, We Stand Around For Thee"

Mark Steyn reviews the latest progression in 'PC' oppression - police inaction :
Just so. The mob's not the threat, you and Ann Coulter are. In the old days, the Mounties always got their man. But these days they'll get you. Frankly, it's a lot easier. Canadian law enforcement gives off the same vibe re Miss Coulter that the Dutch justice system does re Geert Wilders - that in many ways the most convenient outcome would be if the mob took care of the problem, pour encourager les autres...


Hopefully Just The First...

Bishop Tobin, Diocese of Providence, has 'disassociated' himself from the embarrassingly unfaithful Catholic Health Assoc... and he lays the blame at Sr Keehan's feet:
...Tobin told CHA director Sr. Carol Keehan in a March 29 letter that he was “very disappointed that the Catholic Health Association, under your leadership, publicly endorsed the recent health care legislation that was passed and signed into law.”...Tobin called out the group for paving the way to immense confusion among Catholics concerning the bill: “Your enthusiastic support of the legislation, in contradiction to the position of the Bishops of the United States, provided an excuse for members of Congress, misled the public and cause serious scandal for many members of the Church," he said.

Therefore, he said, “I am writing to request that St. Joseph Health Services of Rhode Island, sponsored by the Diocese of Providence, be removed from the membership list and mailing list of the Catholic Health Association.”
full article at LifeSiteNews

(Disobedience - A Bad Habit)


Quote Of The Day - "The Holy Longing"

“To be connected with the (Catholic) church is to be associated with scoundrels, warmongers, fakes, child-molesters, murderers, adulterers and hypocrites of every description.
It also, at the same time, identifies you with saints and the finest persons of heroic soul of every time, country, race, and gender.
To be a member of the church is to carry the mantle of both the worst sin and the finest heroism of soul because the church always looks exactly as it looked at the original crucifixion, God hung among thieves.”
—Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, O.M.I., “The Holy Longing”

(h/t Faith & Family)

The 'Heart' Of The Catholic Church

Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO
...The Catholic Church — the heart of it, Jesus Christ and the Eucharist — has left no one. But Catholics are leaving it all the time, in word and deed. And some of them are ordained or consecrated. But it is still there, with men and women all over the country, some of them ordained and consecrated, getting up every day and doing their best to embody everything they say they believe. And at the heart of what they believe, is not a policy paper from the bishops’ conference and it’s not money going toward ACORN, and it’s certainly not criminal or abusive...

full article

UN Continues to Bleed Credibility

This guy isn't helping any...

In London last Friday, a high ranking United Nations (UN) jurist called on the British government to detain Pope Benedict XVI during his upcoming visit to Britain, and send him to trial in the International Criminal Court (ICC) for “crimes against humanity.”

Geoffrey Robertson touted his status as a UN judge in an article he published last week, in which he argued that jurists should invoke the same procedures that have been used to indict war criminals such as Slobodan Milosevic, to try the Pope as head of the Roman Catholic Church, who he said is ultimately responsible for sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests.

Robertson is one of five select jurists in the UN’s internal justice system responsible for holding UN officials accountable for corruption and mismanagement. His article was published in both the United States and Britain and reported on by the Associated Press...

No surprises here. The Pope is the world's strongest ally against the UN's push for universal abortion and homosexual 'special rights'. Let the ridiculousness continue. The Church and her Shepherd can take it. We have more in our corner than aspirations of global power. Our aspirations reach to Heaven.


REAL Catholics Only, Please!!!

American faux catholic group, 'Catholics' For Choice, is lobbying PM Stephen Harper to overturn a vote taken in the House of Commons last week. They say that they are representative of Canadian Catholics, including the Bishops, and that abortion SHOULD be funded by aid designated for maternal care.

Who in HELL do they think they are? (I'm pretty sure that's where they hail from...)

The Canadian branch (which has a whopping 100 members!) is no more than a field office of the anti-Catholic American group.

This statement from the Cdn.co-ordinator, pretty much says it all :
"We dissent from the formal teachings, as do most Canadian Catholics in practice."

REAL Canadian Catholics expect to hear from their REAL Catholic Bishops about this - REAL soon!!

More on 'Anti-Catholics-For Choice'

Filipino Bishop Warns Faithful


Real Bishops Only , Please!

"The pro-life, pro-family movement of the world, believers of all faiths, and others who value traditional principles, all need the Catholic Church to be what it is called to be. Without this, the Culture of Death, the decline of freedoms and the sufferings of the vulnerable will expand exponentially."

Steve Jalsevac of LifeSite News :
Although there have been many positive changes in the Church in the U.S. and Canada and in Vatican policies since the horrific 2002 revelations, LSN has continuously warned that the fundamental problems that led to the abuses and subsequent crippling of the Catholic Church have still been far from fully resolved.

Three issues are still of great concern:

1. The overwhelming unwillingness of most bishops to exercise their authority in response to serious rejection or indifference towards issues of critical Catholic beliefs and norms - especially regarding moral issues. That is, the bishops have not been actively upholding the faith with consequent serious harm resulting to the faith and lives of many people.

2. The public scandal of criminally negligent or otherwise seriously negligent or corrupt bishops still not having been appropriately held personally accountable. It has instead been insurance companies and the people in the pews and past large benefactors, who had nothing to do with the scandals, whose contributions have unjustly been taken to pay part of the billions of dollars for settlements and obscene lawyers fees. The victims of abuse have been denied justice.

3. The still on-going unwillingness to face or even mention the corruption caused by the tolerance of homosexuality within the clergy at all levels, including bishops and cardinals, within the religious orders and within Catholic Church institutions and colleges and schools. There has been much improvement on this item, especially thanks to Pope Benedict's strong re-affirmation of the rule that homosexuals must not be admitted into seminaries; but there is still far, far more that must be done to rid the Church of this widespread, cancerous influence within the Church body.

Full article..


Called To The Dance

By Our True Love...

(h/t Inside Catholic)

"Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day"

Sing, oh! my love, oh! my love, my love, my love,
This have I done for my true love

5. Into the desert I was led,
Where I fasted without substance;
The Devil bade me make stones my bread,
To have me break my true love's dance. Chorus

6. The Jews on me they made great suit,
And with me made great variance,
Because they loved darkness rather than light,
To call my true love to my dance. Chorus

7. For thirty pence Judas me sold,
His covetousness for to advance:
Mark whom I kiss, the same do hold!
The same is he shall lead the dance. Chorus

8. Before Pilate the Jews me brought,
Where Barabbas had deliverance;
They scourged me and set me at nought,
Judged me to die to lead the dance. Chorus

9. Then on the cross hanged I was,
Where a spear my heart did glance;
There issued forth both water and blood,
To call my true love to my dance. Chorus

10. Then down to hell I took my way
For my true love's deliverance,
And rose again on the third day,
Up to my true love and the dance. Chorus

11. Then up to heaven I did ascend,
Where now I dwell in sure substance
On the right hand of God, that man
May come unto the general dance. Chorus

(full lyrics)

My children anticipate with bouncy exuberance, the joy of Easter Sunday, but I anticipate with peaceful resignation, knowing my True Love, and being enveloped in His embrace.

I love being Catholic, for the fullness of that embrace.



The Divine Mercy Novena


The Divine Mercy Novena

Jesus asked that the Feast of the Divine Mercy be preceded by a Novena to the Divine Mercy which would begin on Good Friday. He gave St. Faustina an intention to pray for on each day of the Novena, saving for the last day the most difficult intention of all, the lukewarm and indifferent of whom He said:

"These souls cause Me more suffering than any others; it was from such souls that My soul felt the most revulsion in the Garden of Olives. It was on their account that I said: 'My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass Me by.' The last hope of salvation for them is to flee to My Mercy."

In her diary, St. Faustina wrote that Jesus told her:

"On each day of the novena you will bring to My heart a different group of souls and you will immerse them in this ocean of My mercy ... On each day you will beg My Father, on the strength of My passion, for the graces for these souls."

The different souls prayed for on each day of the novena are....read more

Good Friday

Cardinal Ruini 'Via Crucis' (April 2,2010)

...When the Apostle Philip asked Jesus, "Lord, show us the Father," he replied, "Have I been with you all this time, and you still do not know me? Whoever has seen me has seen the Father" (Jn 14:8-9). This evening, as we accompany Jesus in our hearts while he makes his way beneath the cross, let us not forget those words. Even as he carries the cross, even in his death on the cross, Jesus remains the Son, who is one with God the Father. When we look upon his face disfigured by beating, weariness and inner suffering, we see the face of the Father. Indeed, it is precisely in this moment that God's glory, his surpassing splendour, in some way becomes visible on the face of Jesus. In this poor, suffering man whom Pilate, in the hope of eliciting compassion, showed to the Jews with the words "Behold the man!" (Jn 19:5), we see revealed the true greatness of God, that mysterious grandeur beyond all our imagining....



Holy Thursday

" Having loved His own which were in the world, He loved them unto the end."(John13:1)

Pope Benedict XVI Holy Thursday Homily (April 1, 2010)
(full text)
...We said that breaking the bread is an act of communion, an act of uniting through sharing. Thus, in the act itself, the intimate nature of the Eucharist is already indicated: it is agape, it is love made corporeal. In the word “agape”, the meanings of Eucharist and love intertwine. In Jesus’ act of breaking the bread, the love that is shared has attained its most radical form: Jesus allows himself to be broken as living bread. In the bread that is distributed, we recognize the mystery of the grain of wheat that dies, and so bears fruit. We recognize the new multiplication of the loaves, which derives from the dying of the grain of wheat and will continue until the end of the world. At the same time, we see that the Eucharist can never be just a liturgical action. It is complete only if the liturgical agape then becomes love in daily life. In Christian worship, the two things become one – experiencing the Lord’s love in the act of worship and fostering love for one’s neighbour. At this hour, we ask the Lord for the grace to learn to live the mystery of the Eucharist ever more deeply, in such a way that the transformation of the world can begin to take place...

"18 of 31"- Mexicans States Choose Life

California Catholic Daily :

Mexican pro-life leader praises majority of country’s states for adopting legal protection for unborn, calls on rest of states to follow suit

Mexico City, Mexico, Mar 29, 2010 (CNA) -- In a recent article for the newspaper, El Grafico, Mexican pro-life expert Carolina Beauregard applauded actions by 18 of the country's 31 states to establish legal protections for the unborn and encouraged the remaining 13 states to pass similar pro-life laws.

Beauregard, who advises several Mexican pro-life groups, wrote that the constitutional reforms protecting life in 18 Mexican states advanced with the overwhelming majority of political parties and strong support by the people. She added that support for the right to life is on the rise, despite efforts by some groups in opposition.

“Lawmakers are seeking to protect the lives of the unborn and the mother at the same time,” she explained, noting that in some states, women who undergo an abortion are sentenced to community service instead of a prison term.

Beauregard called on all organizations in Mexico to safeguard the right to life, underscoring that “we should reflect on the kind of society that we want -- one in which life is valued and defended above any circumstance.”


Ignatieff Still Hot For Abortion

An unfortunate circumstance of living in Cayman, is that there is so much Canadian news. Thus I am frequently subjected to hours and hours of CBC programming. Right now, the Leader of the Opposition is telling us how embarrassed he is that the Canadian government has decided not to fund abortion and contraception as part of 'maternal care'. This was decided by a vote in the House of Commons only last week. He is embarrassed because the US and the UK disagree. Ignatieff believes that people who wish to use contraception and abortion to avoid becoming mothers, should receive the funds designated for those who are or wish to be mothers. In his words, he doesn't wish anyone to be excluded. If you give him enough time, he may include those who wish they weren't women at all...

Michael Ignatieff is the personification of the PC disease that has infected the world. Its perpetrated by bully liberals, who do not allow that anyone else has a legitimate right to vote, decide, speak or act in anyway contrary to liberal dogma. The most obvious of this liberal dogma is the international push for the universal acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle as normal, and the universal access and funding of abortion. The EU, the UN and the US are the pushers. All nations hanging on to even the slightest shred of their Christian heritage, are those being pushed.

Even if one is not the biggest fan of Stephen Harper, even if one thinks he's barely right of left in a lot of areas, and perhaps not at all socially conservative, no freedom loving, individualistic, intelligent , Canadian patriot can in good conscience support the Liberals or their latest stooge - it is tantamount to selling out to World Government. As in 'We don't know what's best for us, let's give our rights over to smarter people, like those suave Europeans, or that handsome intellectual from Harvard'.

I commend the Harper government for this - reflecting the spirit of freedom and common sense that built Canada, and presenting an independently sound and good vision of world health . We don't need to be more American or British or European. We need to be more Canadian. Common sense, hard working people who care about their families and aren't falsely attached to every fleeting self-destructive philosophical fad emanating from Europe or America.

Free Speechers - Canadian Senate

Senator Finley :
“The great Alan Borovoy, who was the head of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association for more than forty years, calls freedom of speech a “strategic freedom”. “Because it is the freedom upon which all of our other freedoms are built. “For example, how could we exercise our democratic right to hold elections, without free speech? “How could we have a fair trial, without free speech? “And what would be the point of freedom of assembly, if we couldn’t talk freely at a public meeting? “It is the most important freedom. Indeed, if you had all of your other rights taken away, you could still win them back with freedom of speech.

“Benjamin Franklin once said that “Without Freedom of thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of speech” “Freedom of speech is embedded in Parliament’s DNA. The word Parliament itself comes from the French word, parler – to speak.

“And as Parliamentarians, we guard our freedom jealously. No Member of Parliament or the Senate may be sued for anything he says in here. Our freedom of speech is absolute. “And yet just last week, only a few miles from here, censorship reared its ugly head....

Senator Duffy:
“I rise to join my colleague, Senator Finley, in support of an inquiry into the state of freedom of speech in Canada. “I share Senator Finley’s love of freedom and his concern about the growing phenomena of censorship. “I approach the subject from the perspective of someone who, as a journalist for more than forty years, has used freedom of speech every day of my life, and has seen its essential role in keeping our democracy healthy. “And that’s my first observation: freedom of speech is much bigger than just politics.

“It’s about our right as free men and women to express ourselves in any way we choose – not just politically, but socially, musically, artistically and through every other human endeavour.

“Our freedom of expression is inextricably linked to our right to think for ourselves, to choose our place in the world, to talk back to the world, and even to fight against the world. “If you doubt that, ask any high school rock band why they do what they do! “So while it’s often political speech that grabs the news headlines – we should never forget that millions of Canadians put freedom of speech into action every day, from film-makers to authors, to stand-up comedians, to advertising agencies to PTA meetings and Rotary Clubs. “Free speech is a thread of personal liberty that is woven into every part of Canadian society...

Hopefully this is just the beginning.


M.O.P. Concert - Grand Cayman

Here are some photographs of the Missionaries of the Poor fund-raising concert at our parish this past weekend. Fr. Richard Ho Lung, founder of the M.O.P., and five singers from their musical troupe sang Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon, raising over $7000 for Haiti relief and the M.O.P.'s new project in Kingston.

(photos by Diana Brodowska)


Day 40 - 40 Days For Life

Every '40 Days For Life ' campaign, I try to post their meditations here each of the 40 days. Today is the final day of another successful, life affirming campaign. Babies lives were saved through the prayerful presence of people who care.

I am asking those who have been following this blog, or are here by chance today, to do what you can to help this spiritual and practical battle against abortion.

Today , on Palm Sunday, I ask you to take up the Cross and put yourself out for the poor struggling women in Jamaica. International forces (the EU,US and UN) have been relentlessly pressuring Jamaica to legalize abortion. The temptation, is the money offered to ease the economic woes in Jamaica. In other words, the west is asking Jamaica to sell its soul for a small purse. Sound familiar?

Fr. Ho Lung and the Missionaries of the Poor are neck deep in the battle to protect Jamaica's mothers and babies. His brothers, who already operate numerous centres for the poor in Jamaica and around the world, are opening 'Holy Innocents' - a centre that will protect and serve 200 women and 200 babies. The MOP offer all their services for free, and are dependent upon the generosity of folks like us...those who wish to share in the carrying of Christ's Cross .

Fr. Ho Lung has a musical gift, and though he doesn't read music, has been able to find talent around him to perform his music for audiences .His shows give the audience the opportunity to meet Fr. Ho Lung, hear his Gospel message in the musical productions, and to become aware of the work the MOP does around the world. This week Fr. Ho Lung was in Cayman with his 'Five Tenors'. Our family was privileged to attend Friday night's show, and we plan on returning this afternoon for his last show. Fr. Ho Lung also celebrated at every Mass today. Hopefully many will take up the Cross, and help the MOP in whichever way they can. Check out the MOP website, and see what you are able to do.

I can also recommend the retreats that Fr. Ho Lung offers several times a year. They are Ignatian in method (though shorter, of course) and silent. Before and after there are opportunities to visit and work at the various MOP centres in Kingston. The humility and simplicity of the brothers at work and prayer is very moving.

God Bless the Missionaries of the Poor and their friends and good works everywhere.

40 Days For Life


Day 39 - 40 Days For Life


Pray that volunteers will replace exhaustion or discouragement with rejoicing over the miracles we have seen thus far, and enthusiastic service as God takes us on to victory!


In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

-- 1 Peter 1:6-7


We have reason to rejoice when we consider the many babies whose lives have been saved during the 40 Days for Life campaign. Add to those lives, the women and men who have been spared from a devastating decision and now have opportunity to make a plan for their baby that is both life affirming and God honoring.

Whether directly, or indirectly, you have contributed to these testimonies of praise with your sacrificial service. Perhaps you have been grieved by various trials during your commitment to 40 days. The attacks of the enemy come in many forms -- difficulties in relationships, finances, health. Or maybe you are physically and mentally exhausted and have been marking off the days on your calendar, eagerly waiting for Day 40.

Consider these trials in light of God's plan for you. The Apostle Paul understood the big picture when he said in Romans 8:18, "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." This is our Hope and our victory. Let us rejoice in the opportunity to give that Hope to others in our path.


Dear Heavenly Father, We sing to You a new song, for You have done marvelous things. Forgive us when we allow circumstances to defeat us. You give power to the faint and You increase strength in those who have no might. We rest in You dear Lord, and ask You to empower us again for Your service as You work out Your plan for us and through us. May You receive glory through our victory in Christ, in whose name we pray, amen.

Carmen Pate
Co-host, "Point of View" Talk Show

40 Days For Life


Communique From The Legionaries of Christ

A welcome letter from the LC :
As we are gathered for the annual meeting of the territorial directors with our general director, we wish to write to our brothers in the Legion of Christ, to the consecrated and all the members of Regnum Christi, our families and friends who accompany us at this juncture in our history, and also to all those who have been affected, wounded, or scandalized by the reprehensible actions of our founder, Fr Marcial Maciel, LC.

It has taken us time to come to terms with these facts regarding his life. For many, especially the victims, this time has been too long and very painful.

We have not always been able, or found the way to reach out to everyone in the way we should have, and in fact wanted to. Hence the need we feel to make this communiqué...

Lent is a good season for Catholics.


Stupak Doesn't Lie To EVERYONE, Just To Prolifers

Here is a video of Bart Stupak discussing how he likes everything in the HealthCare Reform bill, except funding for abortion, and how at the end of the day, he would 'probably' vote for the bill.

So Pelosi had every confidence the bill would pass, because she knew Stupak was a supporter of her bill. Are we learning anything folks? Democrats are not prolife 'at the end of the day'. In the end, they are only Democrats.

I won't say that ONLY Democrats have the ability to rationalize to the point of meaning and believing nothing and everything at the same time, but they virtually have no choice. Its really and truly a necessary skill for them. (In my opinion, that same skill would make it very difficult to be Christian, much less Catholic.)

Changing Our Boots - CHRC Offices Closing

I can understand why the Public Service Alliance might see this as a negative move, since the human rights commissions have been a source of employment and intimidation for the union .... :
CHRC OfficesWill Close in Three Lucky Cities
The Public Service Alliance of Canada condemns the Harper government's decision to close Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax. The union maintains that the closure of the three offices will make it substantially harder for individuals from marginalized groups to launch human rights complaints.

The three offices slated for closure received 70 per cent of all signed complaints to the CHRC in 2008.

The union, which represents CHRC employees, says this latest attack will have a particular impact on racialized people and recent immigrants. In many cases, the closures will make it much more difficult to challenge both systemic abuses and individual instances of discrimination.

For John Gordon, National President of PSAC, the closures are indicative of a strategy by the Conservative government to destabilize human rights organizations and women's groups in Canada.

"When the Conservatives took power in 2006, one of their first moves was to abolish the Court Challenges Program and close Status of Women Canada offices across the country," Gordon said. "Women's groups were denied government funding if they engaged in research or advocacy work, and equality-seeking groups lost the ability to fund Charter of Rights challenges. The government has also cancelled funding to notable NGOs such as KAIROS , and appointed ultra-conservative partisan board members to Rights & Democracy - manufacturing a massive crisis within the organization. The closure of CHRC offices is another example of this outrageous trend."

Canadians living in British Columbia, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces will no longer have access to walk-in or telephone services at a CHRC office even remotely close to where they live. The urban centres where the CHRC offices are being closed represent a high percentage of racialized people. In fact, 60 per cent of all racialized people in Canada live in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax.

In B.C., residents will no longer have access to a human rights commission of any kind, as the B.C. Human Rights Commission was dismantled by the provincial government five years ago.

PSAC sees the closures of the CHRC offices as part of a broader trend by the Harper government toward self-regulation - something that puts both public safety and human rights into question. By severely hampering the Canadian Human Rights Commission's ability to adequately deal with complaints throughout the process, the federal government is relying on employers to voluntarily meet employment equity obligations and address discrimination. But with no mechanisms for enforcement, the CHRC's mandate will be reduced to mere suggestions.

"PSAC will fight the closures of the Canadian Human Rights Commission offices and continue to fight the Harper government's attacks on democracy and human rights," said Gordon.

(highlighting and linkage by me)

Naturally, Mr. Gordon wants to make hay while he can. Never mind the facts. Regardless who has initiated the closure of the CHRC offices, its good for Canada. Why should Canadians be paying an 'independent' group to prosecute neighbours for saying things other neighbours don't agree with or like.

Nothing does more to 'marginalize' or 'racialize' in Canada, than to have the CHRC pointing out with the 'hammer of Political Correctness', the supposed inferiority of specific groups.

*Note to John Gordon: If only the CHRC WAS about protecting the people from the government, but it isn't. It punishes the people with their own money, and without the protection normally afforded them by rule of law. It is UNDEMOCRATIC and ANTI-FREEDOM. The people need protection from the CHRC! Today's group for special attention may be purple hats, but next year, who knows? Yellow hats may be favoured!


Day 38 - 40 Days For Life


Pray that we become vessels of hope to all around us, especially to those who minister in the pro-life movement.


On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, the women took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. "Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!"

-- Luke 24:1-5


This meditation, based on a sermon I once heard, is adapted for pro-life concerns.

It's Friday. Jesus is on the cross. He has been killed by his enemies; he is off the scene. But that's because it's Friday. Sunday's comin'!

It's Friday. Abortionists continue their work 3,300 times a day, tearing off the arms and legs of little babies and crushing their heads. But that's because it's Friday. Sunday's comin'! It's Friday. Pro-abortion groups receive blood money from billionaires who are as deceived as they are. But that's because it's Friday. Sunday's comin'!

It's Friday. Liars attempt to speak for all women and hide the pain of abortion, and ignore the evidence of how it harms women, and call abortion a blessing. But that's because it's Friday. Sunday's comin'! It's Friday. People of hardened hearts guard the clinics and usher desperate women in to have their abortions, while keeping them from the pro-life people who want to give them hope. But that's because it's Friday. Sunday's comin'!

Hope does not mean that we ignore or minimize the evils around us. It means, rather, that we see the whole picture, which is that evil is conquered because of what happened one Sunday morning. The power of sin and death has been broken by the Resurrection of Christ. We are called to proclaim, celebrate, and serve that victory, waiting in joyful hope for Christ's return and the full flowering of the Culture of Life! Indeed, Sunday's comin'!


Lord, fill your people with new hope. Make us vessels of hope to all around us, especially to those who minister in the pro-life movement, that as we engage in the difficult work ahead, we may experience the peace and joy that come only from you and that nobody can take away from us. We ask this through Christ our Lord, amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life and President, National Pro-life Religious Council

40 Days For Life


Day 37 - 40 Days For Life


We are the defenders of true freedom. May our witness unveil the deception of the "pro-choice" slogan.


Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

--2 Corinthians 3:17


Norma McCorvey (the former Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade) used to work at an abortion mill named "A Choice for Women." She now realizes what a cruel irony that title was. She saw first hand, just as pregnancy resource center counselors see, that women don't get abortions because of freedom of choice, but rather because they feel they have no freedom and no choice. They feel trapped, abandoned, desperate and afraid, and have been led to believe that abortion is their only option.

As Frederica Mathewes-Green has written, no want wants an abortion like she wants a Porsche or an ice cream; rather, she wants it like an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg.

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." That doesn't mean that the Spirit allows us to do whatever we want or to decide for ourselves what's right and wrong.

Rather, it means that the Spirit gives us the freedom to do what is right, the power to choose what is good, when we see it before us and yet feel pulled in the opposite direction. Liberty means that we no longer have to feel doomed to do what we know is wrong.

We are the people of the Spirit of the Lord, and when we take action on behalf of life, especially by being present at abortion mills, we are acting on behalf of true freedom, and imparting to those who are in bondage the power to do what is right.


Come, Holy Spirit. You are the Spirit of freedom, the source of all that is good, the power to do what is right. Fill us, and fill those who are in bondage today, feeling doomed to do what is wrong. Set them free, and help us to hasten them on the road to freedom, where your grace overcomes every temptation. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life and President, National Pro-life Religious Council

40 Days For Life


Free Speech Canada - An Oxymoron

There's definitely a moron in there somewhere...

Free Canukistan has a pretty good wrap up of the big 'Ann Coulter' scandal/non-scandal/scandal. National Post also has a round-up of the American reaction to Canadian hospitality/PC ridiculousness. Lorne Gunter puts in his two cents. Univ.of Ottawa doesn't quite defend itself.

Too bad that students are getting a bad name over this debacle. It's really their parents' fault. Parents have been allowing the public schools to teach ridiculous political correctness and liberal faux values for decades. Check any public school board mandate for 'social reconstruction' ambitions. Canadian parents are a) too trusting and dependent on government, to the extent of abdicating their parental responsibility to properly educate their children. b) too lazy to figure it all out c) too selfish to care. Take your pick, the result is the same.

I'm speaking from my high horse, of course, since we long ago abandoned the public school system and took on the full responsibility of educating our own children. (We had the advantage of family example , Catholic/Christian imperative, and a familiarity with the public school system and the field of education- my husband has 20 yrs. as teacher/principal, most of it in Canada). Not everyone can or should homeschool, but it is an option for some. Everyone should hold the gov't responsible to provide education that is mandated by the taxpayer, not by left wing academics (like Mr. Houle of today's notoriety) who live in liberal lalaland.

Ann Coulter's response :
Since arriving in Canada I've been accused of thought crimes, threatened with criminal prosecution for speeches I hadn't yet given and denounced on the floor of the Parliament (which was nice because that one was on my "bucket list").

Posters advertising my speech have been officially banned, while posters denouncing me are plastered all over the University of Ottawa campus. Elected officials have been prohibited from attending my speeches. Also, the local clothing stores are fresh out of brown shirts.

Welcome to Canada!

I am Canadian, so I feel no remorse in hoping for maximum humiliation for those making us laughingstocks of the 'free' world, and the intelligent world, and the real world.

Day 36 - 40 Days For Life


That those who have forgotten their purpose may discover it in God and therefore have the courage to choose life.


These all wait for you, that you may give them their food in due season, what you give them they gather in; you open your hand they are filled with good. You hide your face, they are troubled; you take away their breath, they die and return to their dust. You send forth your Spirit, they are created; and you renew the face of the earth.

-- Psalm 104:27-30


"I am a feather on the breath of God."

As the quote above portrays, we are upheld by the power and purpose of God. Our very existence on earth, from our body's first breath to its last, when we leave it to return home, is our Father's choice and happens only by His willing to do so.

He who created the universe also created that which is "me." I do not "have" a soul - I AM a soul, as well as a body. My entire purpose in this life is to find my way back to my Creator.


Beloved Father, remind us today that there is no truth but you. Do not let us fall prey to the evil one's lie that we may choose death. Remind us right now that you, who created all life, are in control of all life, and let us know right now that you who created all life, are in control of all life, and let us choose life always.

Father, please let us hear your voice more today than yesterday. Keep lighting the pathway home, for us and for all who participate in this 40 Days for Life campaign. Father, we're on our way. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.

Vera Faith Lord
Director, Alpha/Omega Life Ministry
Representative of the Orthodox Church to the National Pro-life Religious Council

40 Days For Life

Some Good and Some Bad Prolife News - Canada

First the good news : The Liberal motion to include 'contraception' in the overseas funding of maternal care - was defeated 144 votes to 138. The deciding votes (as the Conservatives voted against, and the Bloq and NDP voted for) came from prolife Liberal MPs. So Canada does in fact have some Liberal prolifers. Good News!

The Bad News, is that the 'Catholic' charity Development and Peace, fresh from their slandering of Campaign Life Coalition and LifeSite News, are moving forward with their betrayal of Catholic social teaching :
D&P's “young adult solidarity trip” aims to provide the young adults with “a personal experience of the reality of people in the Global South” and to help them “gain a perspective on what ‘development’ looks like on the ground by meeting a number of D&P Partners.”

The ten young adults, five anglophone and five francophone, will work with FDC as well as the Center for Environmental Concern-Philippines and Urban Poor Associates. Applications for the three-week trip, open to D&P supporters aged 18-35, were due last week.

D&P's website lists FDC as a partner and links to the group's website, where evidence of FDC's abortion advocacy is readily available.

A search of their site for the word 'abortion' yields two articles. The second article, 'Women’s groups urge lawmakers to pass Reproductive Health Bill', from September 21, 2008, identifies FDC as part of a 50-group coalition promoting the Philippines' Reproductive Health Bill 5043. The article notes that the coalition “stressed that it is a woman’s right to have control over and decide freely and responsibly on matters related to her sexual and reproductive health, free of coercion, discrimination and violence.”

According to the coalition, “The RH Bill makes it the responsibility of the state to protect the right to choose, not to make decisions for individuals. Women’s right to choose is a basic part of exercising control over their lives. The Bill provides for women to be informed and to services that will ensure women’s ability to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights.”

Bonus points, if you spot the obvious parallels between these stories and the US healthcare story. (Hint: It has to do with Catholics)


Berlusconi And The Pope...?

The Irish Times has an interesting tidbit on the international reaction to the Pope's 'Letter To Irish Catholics'. Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, made some unexpected remarks....

"Benedict XVI, like many of his predecessors, is often called on to confront very difficult situations . . . The way in which he responds is remarkably efficient, at least for all those who are not guided by totally hostile sentiments, and it is efficient both for its humility and sincerity and for the sound reasoning of the pope...”

I agree .


REAL Shepherd - Archbishop Terrence Prendergast

Ottawa archbishop lays down law on kneeling :
Ottawa's archbishop has ordered all Catholics to conform in how they kneel during mass, despite widespread grumbling that uniformity doesn't equal sanctity, or even unity.

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast circulated a letter recently asking that everyone kneel for the entire Eucharistic prayer from "Holy, holy, holy" to the conclusion "Let us proclaim the mystery of faith" -- about five minutes in all.

Currently, some congregations stand for most of the prayer, kneeling only as the priest prepares holy communion. Some stand for the whole thing; others kneel throughout.

Archbishop Prendergast said in his letter: "I have noted a wide range of practices ... which present a lack of harmony in a matter where we should be united -- the worship of God.

"I know that it may not be easy for some to accept. However, I am convinced its implementation will bring blessings to our archdiocese and I invite your co-operation with this directive."

In an interview later, he explained: "It's a sign of reverence. People say, 'I don't like that. We are the people set free, we no longer have to kneel to God,' and I said, 'Wait a minute, we do have to kneel to God. Christ knelt in the garden. People knelt before Jesus. Why can't we do that for a few minutes at mass?' "

It's worth reading the whole article . It is good to hear a bishop reminding his flock of what everything is all about... God.

(h/t The Eponymous Flower)

Day 35 - 40 Days For Life


Pray that all believers participating in 40 Days for Life will make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3).


And the glory which You gave Me, I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.

-- John 17:22-23


Christ prayed that all those who would believe in Him would be united in single purpose and spirit, just as He and the Father were united.

I find it convicting to consider that those who would run to Jesus with their sins, seeking forgiveness, and falling in love with the Savior, often run from Christians today. Is it because they see division and dissension instead of unity and peace?

No doubt Christ is pleased to see the body unified and praying together during these 40 days. This is exactly what we see when we read about the beginnings of the church. Both the unity and the prayer are conspicuous, along with the results of unified prayer.

Acts 2:46-47 tells us, "So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved."

No doubt the enemy is disheartened to see the unity in prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil, and he will continuously try to disrupt the bond of peace among brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us guard our hearts and minds, exhibiting the love of Christ that He so graciously gives us, so that those watching will see the love among us and know that He must love them too!


Heavenly Father, give us grace in every situation to work toward unity. With humility, gentleness, and patience, may we endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There are hurting men and women Lord at the crossroads of life and death who are looking for love and peace in their lives. May they see Christ in us and be drawn to the abundant life that only He can give. It is in Christ's precious name that we pray, Amen.

Carmen Pate
Co-host, "Point of View" Talk Show

40 Days For Life

"Supporting Cast"

Chip Bok


"Letter To The Catholics Of Ireland"


Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Church in Ireland, it is with great concern that I write to you as Pastor of the universal Church. Like yourselves, I have been deeply disturbed by the information which has come to light regarding the abuse of children and vulnerable young people by members of the Church in Ireland, particularly by priests and religious. I can only share in the dismay and the sense of betrayal that so many of you have experienced on learning of these sinful and criminal acts and the way Church authorities in Ireland dealt with them.

As you know, I recently invited the Irish bishops to a meeting here in Rome to give an account of their handling of these matters in the past and to outline the steps they have taken to respond to this grave situation. Together with senior officials of the Roman Curia, I listened to what they had to say, both individually and as a group, as they offered an analysis of mistakes made and lessons learned, and a description of the programmes and protocols now in place. Our discussions were frank and constructive. I am confident that, as a result, the bishops will now be in a stronger position to carry forward the work of repairing past injustices and confronting the broader issues associated with the abuse of minors in a way consonant with the demands of justice and the teachings of the Gospel...
read more


George Weigel "The End Of Euphemism"

Contrast the above with the misleading article by a churlish 'Sister'Turlish at the National 'Catholic' Reporter (Someone explain to me why we still find these at the back of some churches? The by-lines read like a list of 'most bitterly unhappy dissidents' with few exceptions! I mean, really, McBrien!?)

In "Media Attacks Mounting", LifeSite News shows how some outlets had their reactions written BEFORE the Pope's letter was even released! (ESP?)

As expected, and as with everything Catholic, the reactions run the gamut from optimism to disgust. Read the Pope's letter for yourself (link above) and use the reason God gave you. Ask yourself if the purpose of the letter was to 'assuage anger', and if that would have been appropriate as a first public response.

I don't believe it would have been appropriate or possible. The Pope's letter is a public apology, an admission of guilt , and a call for reform. Its a preliminary step along a long and arduous path to renewal in the Catholic church in Ireland and hopefully, eventually, forgiveness. Eventually. Pope Benedict in his letter acknowledges how difficult forgiveness will be.

I find it curious that some of the criticism of his letter, sounds like defensiveness. 'He's blaming the Irish!'
Who is to blame for abuse in Ireland, if not those there? In America, the Americans, in Germany the Germans, in Newfoundland, the Newfoundlanders. Acceptance of responsibility must be one of the very first things for reconciliaton. The Church for her part, the clergy and religious in Ireland for theirs (a number of them Irish, yes?),the Irish seminaries and religious orders and those who knew, for their part.

I would have thought this to be rather obvious.

Let us see what the Pope's investigations produce. I am interested to see what reforms, resignations, and re-structuring may come of the process. That is now the Church's part. To pray and to wait and to support the process of reform and reconciliation, in the hope that the Church in Ireland may regain some of its former acclaim - for the glory of God.

The Four Evangelists in the Book of Kells

Day 34 - 40 Days For Life


We pray for the conversion of abortionists and all abortion advocates.


"Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean; Put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes. Cease to do evil, Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor; Defend the fatherless, Plead for the widow."

-- Isaiah 1:16-17


God is just.

Inscribed around the inside of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC, are the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson: "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just." If the deist, Jefferson, knew in the depths of his being that God is just, how much more ought we Christians to reflect on this profound truth? The justice of God, like his holiness and his purity, encourages us to seek justice for all people. It is the evil deeds and wrong, selfish attitudes of our modern society that have led to the cavalier acceptance of abortion and euthanasia. But, as Jefferson also said, "his justice will not sleep forever."

God is calling us today to seek justice, to encourage the oppressed, and to defend the orphans and widows of our society. It is a noble calling! It is one which every true believer, every God-fearing man and woman, should heed with no hesitation and no reluctance. To follow the God of justice and truth is to stand unequivocally for the right to life of everyone, especially the unborn, the physically disabled, and the terminally ill. God's word through the prophet Isaiah is as relevant in today's 21st century world as it was in Isaiah's 8th century BC world. May God's grace help us to defend the unborn's right to life as well as that of the already born.


O God, our heavenly Father, give us courage and wisdom as we seek to eradicate the evil in our society. Help us to realize that your divine Spirit alone can change hearts and minds so that all your human creatures may enjoy the fullness of life you intended for them. I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Amen.

Rev. Ben Sheldon
President Emeritus, Presbyterians Pro-life and National Pro-life Religious Council

40 Days For Life