Make Me Proud, CANADA

I love Canada. Of course! My (rather large) family is there. I think the geography is amazing. I even love the variety of weather! I love our history and (real) culture. It hurts me to know how indifferent Canadians are to the waste of humankind that is perpetuated , with the help of their indifference and their own taxes. 100,000 Canadian babies are murdered in the womb each year. A crime of depravity ignored by just about everybody. Canadians don't care.

I remember being so proud of Canada as a teen finishing highschool. I couldn't wait to get out there and participate more fully in the future of Canada. I was heart broken to find out how narrowminded and selfish the established 'politically correct' dialogue was, how they excluded truth and reality in favour of a self centered imposed secularism.

Reality bites.

I love Canada, but I am not proud of Canada. Yes, some good people manage to ignore the PC regime, teach their children right from wrong, and maintain their humanity inspite of regulated indoctrination through publicly funded school systems and ideologically enslaved media. Yes, sometimes the government manages to take small steps in the right direction - the direction of true liberty - the freedom to love God and each other in a fully human way. Yes, I have moments of hope for Canada.

Today is a moment of hope.

I hope - really, really hope - that Canadians elect MPs who understand how to be fully human.

Who understand that human life is sacred from beginning to end. Who understand that a human family is an important social unit, one organized and defined by God, and that no 'human' fantastical manipulations can redefine it.

Who aren't sucked into the current 'make-believe' social reconstruction and refuse to encourage or finance it.

I hope for Canada, the most prolife, pro-family, God fearing parliament.

I hope this, because I love and pray for Canada and all Canadians.

God Bless Canada