Yes! Send the money where it will have the MOST effect!

Canadians First -> Conservative Party Members -far,far, second !!

David Warren in the Ottawa Citizen:

"...The notion that "freedom of speech is an American concept" -- I am quoting Dean Steacy, principal "mediator" (i.e. thought-crime investigator) for the Canadian Human Rights Commission -- is proving sadly true in the limited sense that most of the money donated to the various legal defence funds has come, via Internet, from outraged citizens of the U.S.

Our Conservative government's cowardly failure to intervene in defence of free press and speech by, for example, immediately withdrawing the egregious Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Code, gives another indication of Canadian sleepiness. (This is the section which empowers the "human rights" commissions to go trawling for political incorrectitude on the Internet.)

In light of which, perhaps the most effective way to support our own beleaguered journalists is for people who have given money to the Conservative party in the past, to make all future donations to the legal defence funds instead, until Prime Minister Harper and company get the message. Don't forget to send the Conservative party a note explaining what you have done, and why..."

not united with Christ

Why do people , who are obviously NOT Christian, insist on being part of the Christian community? Why do they say 'we are old-fashioned and out of touch to believe in Christ' and then remain? What makes them think that they, out of millions currently, and over 2000+ years - they have it right? Mental illness?

Charles Lewis relates this story of a Rev. who doesn't wish to be, presiding over a Christian church she wishes wasn't, and how the United Church of Canada is too far gone to protest:

"...Ms. Vosper does not believe in the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, the miracles and the sacrament of baptism. Nor does she believe in the creeds, the presence of Christ in communion or that Jesus was the Son of God.

In 'With or Without God', her book that was formally launched this week, she writes that Jesus was a "Middle Eastern peasant with a few charismatic gifts and a great posthumous marketing team."

I read a novel at Christmas called 'Father Elijah' by Michael O'Brien . It was apocalyptic, and the villain talked the same game as Ms. Vosper...

Saving Souls, One Book at a time

According to Phil Lawler at CWN, Judie Brown's new book "Saving Those Damn Catholics" is a keeper:

"...Saving Those Damned Catholics examines the pro-life struggle in the United States, and more specifically on the treasonous behavior of many Catholics who have failed to condemn abortion or, far worse, actually promoted the slaughter of the unborn. Thousands of unborn lives are being lost each week, she reminds us, and hundreds of Catholic politicians are risking damnation by supporting the butchery ..."

I can think of a Cardinal who might get a copy in the mail...

March For Life

Lifesite News reports that Alveda King will be speaking at the March for Life, May 8.Some regional 'Marches' will be happening this weekend.
Canadians Bishops have exhorted all Catholics to join in the 'March'.

Get on your sneakers and start Marching For Life!

Funny Catholics (Wha?!)

Thanks to 'Big Blue Wave' for showing me this very funny site. I always like a little 'snort' with my tea!

My favourite post, of course, is 'Babies':

"...It is speculated by many non-Catholics that a Catholic family’s Catholicity is qualified and quantified according to the number of babies had by said Catholic family. When discussing Catholic families with other Catholics it is more often than not, with some jest, remarked that a Catholic family with 4 or more babies is a ‘good catholic family.’ Though this is the American public view of Catholics with many babies, more is required in order to be a good Catholic family than having lots of babies. Such as: raising the babies in the Catholic faith, going to Sunday mass, taking advantage of the sacraments, being the primary educators for the babies, and teaching the babies to pray and pray regularly.

It must be noted that Catholic families are not baby factories. Nor are Catholic families baby making machines. Further, there are no rooms or houses where Catholic wives are chained to beds perpetually pregnant and popping out babies like a queen bee. Nothing can be further from the truth..."

Oh Honey! Bring the key...


Turkey Debates Free Speech - HELLO CANADA!!

According to AlJazeera Turkey is debating a reform of laws which have been used to prosecute journalists:

"...Turkish legislators are debating a proposal to soften a law restricting freedom of speech that has been used to prosecute several writers.
A vote on the proposed amendment to Article 301 of Turkey's penal code, which bars insults to the Turkish identity or the country's institutions, is expected on Tuesday or early Wednesday.
The ruling party, which proposed the change, has a majority in the 550-seat parliament and the amendment is expected to pass.
Turkey says close to 7,000 people have been prosecuted under that law and its precursor since 2003, including Orhan Pamuk, the Nobel prize winner..."

There are some similarities between the Canadian HRC's and the Turkish anti-speech laws. Like who gets targeted.

Any bets on who will see 'reform' first?

Catholic Carnival # 170

Catholic Carnival #170 is chock-full of goodies this week! Have a look, and check out 'Books, Reviews. and More' while you're there!

Canadian Anglicans Struggle to Find Way Home

One of Canada's best known Anglican theologians, J.I.Packer, has moved on:

"...On April 23, Dr. Packer handed in his clergy licence to Canadian Canadian Bishop Michael Ingham , the bishop of New Westminster, who had already declared him and ten other clergy to be guilty of "abandoning" their ministry. Dr. Packer told a meeting of the Anglican Network this week that he could no longer serve in ministry under Bishop Ingham.
He told a conference of 400 orthodox Anglicans this week, "It seems to me that in a situation where arguably, elected bishops become heretical, what is the divine answer to that, there must be possibility for realignment for the faithful where heresy, doctrinal and moral is approved."

It takes a lot of courage to persevere the way the Anglican Essentials group has . They have a lot to lose as individuals and as believers in a faithful Anglican Communion.

They also have a lot to gain.


How Short is YOUR Kilt?

An interesting comments page is up at 'Dawn Eden' .

Dawn is a well known author of books about chastity, and popular speaker to groups of young adults. Last week she did a speaking tour of highschools in Ontario.

YIKES! Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School (did I say CATHOLIC?!!) does not seem to have appreciated being 'forced' to sit and listen ONE WHOLE HOUR to some American lady talking about chastity.
Apparantly the students felt the mere subject matter indicated that she was judging them as 'unchaste'. (Not the word the student commenters used!)

There is a disturbing lack of reason and an incredible degree of self-absorption exhibited by these 'students'. Not at all what one would expect from an authentic Catholic education.

So tell me, is it the school or the parents? (or just a bad day!?)


New Tourist Destinations - Pakistan and Iran?

Straight from Bangladesh :

"A twenty-three day sojourn from Dhaka to London is quite on the cards within this year... The whole exercise will be facilitated under a proposed scheme sponsored by the United Nations, where Pakistan and Iran will link up their railway lines in the coming months to join the Indian subcontinent’s railway route to that of Europe for the first time."

This is the editorial page. Apparantly the editors can anticipate only good results.
They are also excited about .." a linking up of Myanmar and Thailand to the east ... to the extreme reaches of Asia and then Russia, Poland, Holland and London..."

Does anyone else see an obvious 'fly in the ointment?'

'I'm Pro-Life'

Today is National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day!

If you've got one, wear it - in public!!

(as homeschoolers, we're making our own!)

h/t proecclesia

Catholic Culture - Canada

The Alexandrian , magazine and blog, is what graduates from Catholic universities and colleges get 'up to' after graduation! This is a great effort to highlight young Canadian Catholic writers and artists.

Political Animals

Three great guests on today's radio show. Tune In at 4pm (EST) !


Mark Shea's new article at NCR:

"...So what does Benedict have to say to this culture for which all the answers seem to be “Steal whatever pleasure you can without commitment,” “Kill somebody” or “Buy stuff”?

He says something simple and yet revolutionary:

“It is not the elemental spirits of the universe, the laws of matter, which ultimately govern the world and mankind, but a personal God governs the stars, that is, the universe; it is not the laws of matter and of evolution that have the final say, but reason, will, love — a Person. And if we know this Person and he knows us, then truly the inexorable power of material elements no longer has the last word; we are not slaves of the universe and of its laws, we are free.” (Spe Salvi 5)

Imagine it! To be really free! To not be tied down to the lie that life is nothing but work, buy, consume, die! To look out upon a universe that is full, not merely of meaning, not merely of reason or of will, but even a universe that is full of the love of a personal God!

To not be bound to the notion that those lucky enough to be able to afford a sandwich have achieved the summit of all human hopes. To be able to speak to our children and give them a vision of heroic hope and not lose them to the bondage of empty hedonism!

To see ourselves, not as unusually clever pieces of meat that happened to bounce out of the cosmic crap shoot, but as beloved sons and daughters of God..."


Real Doctor - Real Mother

"... Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, protectress of mothers and families, died in 1962 as a martyr of maternal love . In September of 1961, at the age of 39, Saint Gianna was pregnant with her fourth child when physicians diagnosed a large ovarian cyst which required surgery. The surgeon suggested that Gianna undergo an abortion in order to save her own life. Gianna's decision was prompt and decisive: "I shall accept whatever they will do to me provided they save the child." She underwent the surgery but her fate was sealed. The following year, on Good Friday, Gianna was admitted to Monza Maternity Hospital. Her daughter, Gianna Emanuela, was born the next day but Saint Gianna expired seven days later, on April 28, 1962..."

Restless Hearts

"..The ache of loneliness has haunted human beings from the time of Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden. It has become particularly acute in modern societies where individualism is rampant and where the acquisition of things is exalted. In these situations, to have and to control are held as more important than to be and to sacrifice...Loneliness cannot be overcome by focusing on self, fretting over one’s own needs or catering to desires for power or pleasure. The prospect of happiness moves farther away if attention is fixed on oneself and one’s possessions... The antidote to loneliness lies in stretching beyond our own little world and reaching out in faith to the living God..."

“You made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” (Saint Augustine)

Part One of Bishop Olmsted's series on the Eucharist - "ANTIDOTE to LONELINESS"

Lisbon Treaty

April 23, 2008

Letter to the Editor, Irish Independent
re Lisbon Treaty ,

Dear Sirs:
My name is Connie Fogal. I am leader of the Canadian Action Party, one of Canada’s federally registered alternative parties. Our party is dedicated to national sovereignty and freedom. We recognize the sovereign power that lies in the national control of the creation and issuance of money. We recognize that globalization under the guise of “free trade” steals that power from the citizen and turns it over to administrative control directed by the corporate, financial, military elite to protect and promote their interest all at the expense of the ordinary person who, under this regime, is being reduced to slavery. This is modern day feudalism. We recognize that the European Union and in North America the current incremental creation of the North American Union are both administrative political instruments which steal from the people their freedom and rights that were hard fought and won over centuries of sacrifice and struggle, including war. These rights and privileges were incorporated into national constitutions which were intended to enshrine and protect our personal liberties and national well being from the greed and power of an elite few.

For Europeans, the Lisbon Treaty is the final nail in the coffin of the personal liberty and the right to a fair share to individual prosperity arising from the resources of each respective country because control of your lives and well being is being conquered without a war. Your national constitutions are being shredded, and centuries of struggle, suffering and sacrifice are being dismissed and denied. All of this is happening beyond the control and the will of the people. All of this is the profound violation of national and citizen sovereignty. The shadow rulers of the world have learned that they can easily conquer nations via economics (“free trade” and “globalization”) without war. And they are succeeding. The elected political leaders of Europe and North America have become unwitting fools and willing dupes, complicit players in the transformation into a new world order beyond the control or power of the people, by the people, for the people. Incredibly, they have condemned their own democratic role to irrelevancy and accepted the function of servant to corporate rule. The fact that no European citizens except the Irish are permitted to vote on the Lisbon Treaty tells you that all those other national European governments have been rendered impotent and useless to protect the interests of the people, that an undemocratic, unelected, unrepresentative, corporate administrative rule is in control with an agenda that serves not the interest of the ordinary citizen. In effect, national sovereignty has been rendered irrelevant and impotent. The unique Irish culture and identity will not survive the agenda of corporate rule.

It is my hope that the Irish will vote no to the Lisbon Treaty. It is my hope that Ireland with its significant history of struggle for freedom, independence, and sovereignty of the person as well as the state will not betray the sacrifices of its past. It is my hope that Ireland will be the beacon of hope for the world, and the leader in the human rescue from the clutches of corporate rule.

Yours truly,
Constance Fogal,
Leader, Canadian Action Party.