Notre Dame - A Clash Of Cultures

I love how the media keeps trying to frame the scandal as 'Catholics against intellectual discourse'. With the help of President Jenkins , of course.

Commencement speeches are not 'intellectual discourse'. They are an honour bestowed upon the speaker by the university. So is an honorary Doctorate of Laws (laws made and to be made against life by Obama?). The Catholic disgust and shame comes from the honour bestowed on the man who stands out as being most radically opposed to Catholic doctrine and teachings on the inherent value of every human life . You'd think the value of human life would be obvious to all (humans, anyway!) but it isn't. Some humans only recognize value in human lives that are not inconvenient, needy or unloved. This way of living, thinking, believing, is the antithesis of Christianity. The ANTI CHRIST.

That's what the BIG DEAL is folks. It's not about a speech, and its more important than a president. I am grateful for those who risked ridicule and jail to stand up for truth today. So few universities are engaged in the pursuit of truth these days, that there really should be a new name for most post-secondary institutions. Perhaps we could call them politically correct finishing schools - where one goes to complete the process of numbing the spirit.

And could Notre Dame please change its name to 'Sebelius U.'? Our Lady deserves better.

Scott Richert has excellent commentary on the 'speech' and link to the text.