This is Canada's future..(even the name is typically Canadian!) a N.I.C.E. committee to decide who lives and dies, based not on the intrinsic value of being human ( who really believes THAT!) but on the 'cost-per-quality-adjusted-lifeyears-gained'. Too bad the same people who see no value in being human, are evaluating 'quality'.

Canada is literally ONE STEP behind this kind of 'BRAVE NEW WORLD' . (See previous stories about Canadian doctors fighting for the right to kill'. )

If reasoning minds don't step in and shut down the progress of the 'Culture of Death' , we (CANADIANS) will be at the forefront of killing our elderly, ill and disabled - just as we are at the forefront of killing our unborn. Our Canadian Medical Assoc. is actively seeking physician rights to eugenics. WAKE UP! - before YOUR family member, YOUR loved one- is the one being 'put down' by his doctor. It's ugly, it's true and it's CANADIAN through and through.
At least with private health options, you can stay alive if you choose! (...'but we shouldn't allow SOME to choose! the doctors and the state must retain all control! - I mean, it wouldn't be fair...)

CMA = Canadian Murder Association (Think twice before going to hospital...)

CHOOSE A LIFE DOCTOR - OR NO DOCTOR (not hard to have NO doctor in Canada, is it?)


UNREAL - Baroness Meacher (the undead)

('Bethlehem ' children or Baroness Meacher....who is human?)

A story from LifeSite News really made my stomach turn. We are so close to being exactly where the German 'scientists' were during WWll.

I can't express how much I was repulsed by this 'woman'. To count her as human is an effort. A human being can recognize humanity, surely!

Baroness Meacher's problem is this - she quite simply IS NOT human! Her reaction is that of someone who has repressed her humanity to the point where it has disappeared! Vanished!

I have just returned from a visit to the Missionaries of the Poor in Jamaica. I spent some time with the children in their orphanage nursery 'Bethlehem'. All of these children were severely handicapped, several with hydrocephalus. My reaction was not the same as the Baroness'!

They seemed to me to be the perfect living proof of the absolute crime and travesty of abortion! As I fed and changed them, tried to communicate and share a presence with them, I realized that the presence we shared was that of Christ. I could see the joy of Christ's Passion in each of these children. The life-giving acceptance of suffering . Ms. Meachem did not recognize the benefit of these children livng a life of suffering. The benefit is hers! They are participating in the redemption of the world, to her benefit, and she would kill them outright!

They also afford us the rare opportunity to love without expectation. This is very important to our humanity. The more we are able to love AND ACCEPT LOVE - the more fully human, the more in the image of our Creator- we become. The children are givers and takers of love. They are human.

The Baroness does not believe in her own humanity, and therefore cannot recognize the children's. She has abandoned her soul. She is not human.