Father McBrien, Notre Dame and Eucharistic Adoration

My daughter's birthday shares Our Lady's feast on September 8. In dismay I read Fr. Richard McBrien's gift to Our Lady in the form of an article in the National Catholic Reporter. In dismay I read that not all the commentors are dismayed by his article! Such is the state of the Catholic church in America today. Dissident, incorrect and heretical priests are given forum in a magazine put forward as Catholic.

Lukewarm Catholic? American Catholic? Not quite Catholic?

(Anyone looking for a more reliable source of faithful Catholic articles might try National Catholic Register.)

Ah well. Someone else to add to my prayer list, to offer up to the mercy of God during Mass and before the Blessed Sacrament.

I am grateful for those faithful Catholic universities that never compromise Truth for expediency or popularity. Places like Ave Maria University in Florida, Franciscan University in Ohio, and Our Lady Seat of Wisdom in Ontario. They are welcome respite from confusing and confused institutions with questionable leadership and mixed loyalties. (Yes, I mean Notre Dame)

I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to worship, pray, think, find peace in the Real Presence of God. Many Americans share this wonderful opportunity.

I am thankful for all the faithful priests and bishops, their many hours of prayer and devotion on our behalf, their inspired instruction and their faithful service to Christ in the Eucharist.

God help those who work against Him.

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