Christian Heritage Party : Jim Hnatiuk Speaks

Jim Hnatiuk - Leader of the Christian Heritage Party
Communiqué Vol 16, No 01 Jan 05, 2010

"The Spin Stops with CHP Canada"

Yesterday I was challenged with the comment: "If the CHP is really serious about winning .... then let us see some promises that amount to something!" my challenger then went on to give me some sample promises we should consider.
"Promise to remove the G.S.T. and the Federal government's part of the H.S.T. across the nation and promise a standard of living for all the poor that matches the cost of living in the country."
I say, sir, the CHP will do much better than that! We'll instead remove all federal income taxes both personal and corporate, gift, estate, and capital gains, and replace them with one simple, visible, federal retail sales tax! This makes taxation simpler and much more sensible, instead of paying taxes on what you earn; you would pay on what you spend. Now, to ensure that this tax is fair, all taxpayers will receive a monthly subsidy, called a "pre-bate," to offset the tax on bare necessities. So, low-income families would end up paying no taxes at all. The wealthy that buy and spend a lot, would pay a lot. 'Fair Tax' rewards productivity and better protects the very low income earners. Consumption based taxation is widely recognised by economists to be the most equitable form of taxation, hence its name, the 'Fair Tax'.
Another promise he suggested we use was to "Raise the Old age pensions and Canada pensions in a method that keeps up with a cost of living and give stay at home mom's Canada pension benefits.
Once again, sir, CHP Canada will do much better than that! We'll instead overhaul the broken Canada Pension Plan with a new Personal Income Security Account (PISA). This proven plan will provide a portable investment portfolio, vested in the name of each worker, for health, employment, and retirement income. This proven plan adopted by Chile has shown that those Chilean workers who chose this investment plan are now retiring wealthy -- and Chile has become an economic powerhouse in Latin America because of the pools of investment created.
As for the stay-at-home mom, CHP Canada would do much more than just pension benefits. We see the married two-parent family as the most important foundation of society, and as such, deserves protection. CHP Canada's Family Friendly Childcare Allowance would provide $1000 per month to any family where one of the parents chooses to stay home and raise their children-until age 18. Now that's real childcare and true recognition of the importance of the stay-at-home mom.
Another of my challenger's suggestion was to: "Bring in a law that will confiscate all assets of those who gain financially through crime, such as swindling by white collar workers, the sale of street drugs, and any other criminal activities in which profit is made."
Under the Criminal Code of Canada, the government does have broad powers of seizure, but this is not the full picture of what criminal justice in Canada should accomplish either. The CHP would require criminals to make restitution to the victim, who is all too often forgotten in today's justice system.
He said promise to "Make the Senate ..elected positions.." Yes, again, we agree! That is CHP Canada's position.
CHP Canada provides Canadians with sound federal political solutions, unfortunately as with this gentleman, most Canadians have yet to find this out. That is where each CHP member comes in, our solutions are not complicated; they only need to be communicated. Let's all work to show Canadians that the Spin stops with CHP Canada! We're not all politically minded but we can all communicate CHP Canada's basic, better solutions. Our national team is always glad to help you present it clearly. Make it your New Year's project to present our better solutions to those who don't know about the CHP.
For a more comprehensive read of our platform check out our Better Solutions at www.chp.ca
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