Works In Progress

We are all 'works in progress'. Each of us has an individual relationship with our God, and none of us are fit to judge the 'progress' being made by a fellow pilgrim.

Deacon Keith Fournier writes about the ungenerous criticism of the very generous gift to Ave Maria University made by B. Thomas Golisano....
... It appears that Mr. Golisano, like most of us reading this article, is a work in progress. His long life reveals that he held some positions in the past which do not comport with those which he holds today. Some within certain segments of the Catholic blogging community were only too eager to point out those positions of the past. However, they took another step; they attacked the man’s motives and attacked Ave Maria for accepting his charity so as to help fund their work of forming young men and women in Charity....Securing this gift from Tom Golisano is wonderful news for the thousands of faithful young Catholics and others who will grow in their ability to serve the Church - called into the world - while living and studying there through his generosity! It is also a great example of a Catholic vision of evangelization and mission. ...What are we supposed to do - not allow people whom we are seeking to bring to the fullness of the truth to be generous and assist the Lord's work with their goods?...


Thomas Golisano is the founder of the Golisano Foundation whose Mission Statement reads :
The B. Thomas Golisano Foundation is interested in funding programs that will help individuals with developmental disabilities achieve their maximum potentials by integrating independence, self-determination, and productivity into all facets of their lives.

The Golisano Foundation will serve as a proactive partner with service providers, organizations, and the community. Together, we will:

* Enable those with disabilities to more fully participate in the life of the community.
* Create an environment of dignity and care for disabled individuals and their families.

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