Novena For Canada - Day Five

O most holy Mother, I beg you to obtain for me pardon of all my sins, abundant graces to serve your Son more faithfully from now on, and lastly, the grace to praise Him with you forever in heaven.

Dear Lady, Pray for the release of our Great Nation Canada from the grip of Hell.
Pray for the souls of all those deceased and alive, responsible for the genocide occuring in Canada.
Pray for the murdered unborn Canadians.

Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory.


Novena For Canada - Day Four

Dearest Mother of Guadalupe, I beg you for a fortified will to imitate your divine Son’s charity, to always seek the good of others in need. Grant me this, I humbly ask of you.

Dear Lady, Pray for the release of our Great Nation Canada from the grip of Hell.
Pray for the souls of all those deceased and alive, responsible for the genocide occuring in Canada.
Pray for the murdered unborn Canadians.

Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory.


"Decency Gap" Expose ( Kicked Off You Tube)

“The video shows the true identity of Reinhardt, which she tried to cleverly hide. She was not mistreated in any way, but you can see the understandable discomfort of Reinhardt as she was caught trying to trick others. It is embarrassing, for certain, but in any case she was the one trying to trick me,” Polo told CNA. He also revealed that Reinhardt sent him several emails without saying who she really was. “To pull that video only favors Reinhardt in her intention to trick more people. I know of two other people in Peru who, thanks to that video, avoided being deceived by her,” Polo said. “Eve Reinhardt agreed to allow our conversation to be filmed and that can be easily seen in the video,” he added. (CNA)

This video was taken off You Tube after lobbying by Planned Parenthood, something they've done before. (h/t custos fidei)

Novena For Canada - Day Three

O Mary, whose Immaculate Heart was pierced by seven swords of grief, help me to walk valiantly amid the sharp thorns strewn across my pathway. Obtain for me the strength to be a true imitator of you. This I ask you, my dear Mother.

Dear Lady, Pray for the release of our Great Nation Canada from the grip of Hell.
Pray for the souls of all those deceased and alive, responsible for the genocide occuring in Canada.
Pray for the murdered unborn Canadians.

Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory


Novena For Canada - Day Two

O Mary, conceived without sin, I come to your throne of grace to share the fervent devotion of your faithful Mexican children who call to you under the glorious Aztec title of Guadalupe. Obtain for me a lively faith to do your Son’s holy will always: May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Dear Lady, Pray for the release of our Great Nation Canada from the grip of Hell.
Pray for the souls of all those deceased and alive, responsible for the genocide occuring in Canada.
Pray for the murdered unborn Canadians.

Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory.


Novena For Canada - Day One

Dearest Lady of Guadalupe, fruitful Mother of holiness, teach me your ways of gentleness and strength.
Hear my humble prayer offered with heartfelt confidence to beg this favor:
Dear Lady, Pray for the release of our Great Nation Canada from the grip of Hell.
Pray for the souls of all those deceased and alive, responsible for the genocide occuring in Canada.
Pray for the murdered unborn Canadians.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.


Traveling for about 2 weeks, so not sure about posting. Meantime, please join in praying the Novena for Canada that begins July 1.

God Bless.


"Planned Parenthood and the Marketing of Meaninglessness"

Here's a column from Star Parker, founder of CURE:

The message of my last book, "White Ghetto", is that the social chaos in inner city black communities is symptomatic of the cultural pathology gripping the nation as a whole.

Inner city black American life is a leading indicator of American culture and a product of the ascendance of materialism and relativism. Blacks have been first because they have been the most exposed and vulnerable.

When 20 percent of black babies were born to unwed mothers in the 1960s, this was sufficiently outside the national norm to be perceived as a uniquely black problem. But today, as the black rate has soared to 70 percent, the incidence of white out-of-wedlock births, now almost 1-in-3 three, exceeds the black incidence of 40 years ago.

The symptoms of social and cultural unraveling -- family breakdown, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, abortion -- are today increasingly manifested in white as well as black America.

Now, according to a lengthy profile in the Wall Street Journal, America's pre-eminent marketer of the culture of meaninglessness, Planned Parenthood, plans to help expedite this process and is retooling to go beyond targeting poor blacks to reach out to all Americans.

The article, "Extending the brand: Planned Parenthood Hits Suburbia," discusses how the organization is mobilizing its now-considerable resources -- a $1 billion dollar budget, with a reported $100 million-plus surplus -- to build glitzy new multimillion-dollar centers and express outlets in malls -- to reach women of means and everyone else.

Soon your daughter, too, can learn that the point of her life is her own pleasure and that other human beings, in or outside of the womb, are mere tools to be used toward that end. And, according to the organization's president, Cecile Richards, they want to reach young men as well as women.

What, after all, is our national specialty if not marketing? So, as Starbucks is to coffee, as Wal-Mart is to volume sales, so Planned Parenthood is to nihilism.

Until now, Planned Parenthood clinics have been strategically located in proximity to black neighborhoods and schools. But blacks only constitute 12 percent of the country. It makes all the business sense in the world for Planned Parenthood to move into the rapidly growing new Latino community and into mainstream white America.

Marketing itself under the happy face of providing "reproductive health" services, Planned Parenthood provides 1-of-5 abortions done in the country. Although the overall number of abortions performed each year has dropped, the percent done by Planned Parenthood has increased, translating in absolute numbers to almost 300,000 annually.

About one-third of abortions are black babies.

Let's be clear that the main goal of these abortion services is not to save lives of women whose life is in danger as result of their pregnancy. The objective is birth and population control.

In this sense, the organization has been true to the vision of its founder -- socialist, eugenicist, and racist, Margaret Sanger.

Sanger created the "Negro Project" in 1939 whose aim was to put a lid on the growth rate of the black population. She was an advocate of the use of sterilization as well as abortion to eliminate the "unfit."

Recent news about the teen pregnancy epidemic in Gloucester, Mass., has caused shock. More shocking was learning that the pregnancies were intentional. I'll add that further shock resulted from the girls being white.

A black teenager intentionally getting pregnant is not news.

Meaninglessness may be transmitted to brains but it does not get transmitted to bodies. As young black women, in the face of despair, have asserted life through pregnancy, we now see this happening with young white women.

Planned Parenthood gets one-third of its budget, over $300 million, from the federal government -- from U.S. taxpayers. This is the size of the budget of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Sixty thousand black children in failing inner city public schools, kids largely from broken families, could get $5,000 scholarships each to go to a private school, a religious school, and learn values that could give them a chance for a successful life.

Let's get out of the business of marketing meaninglessness and death. At least, let's stop forcing U.S. taxpayers to subsidize it.

(Distributed by Scripps Howard News Service)

Disordered Canada

ProWomanProLife has a letter up from a Canadian doctor. A REAL Doctor:

"If Morgentaler gets this Order of Canada, it goes without saying that this is the greatest disgrace for this most prestigious award. However, the main issue at stake is that it makes abortion into something good.."

Sanity responds here:

Douglas Farrow, National Post

Steve Jalsevac, LifesiteNews

Stand Your Ground

The Great Pumpkin

Proud To Be Canadian


Canada To Honour Serial Killer Morgentaler

Just in time for Canada Day, in a cruel show of depravity,we hear that our illustrious Governor General, Michaelle Jean, will bestow the 'Order of Canada' on the most prolific and notorious murderer in Canadian history.

'Dr.' Henry Morgentaler is to receive Canada's highest civilian honour.

Every Canadian adult knows who he is and what he has done. All know he is personally responsible for thousands of Canadian deaths through abortion, and has been abortion's greatest advocate. He has also reaped the financial awards of being the foremost abortion provider in a country with NO RESTRICTIONS.

Words cannot describe the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, and the near despair I feel for the future of my grandchildren as Canadians. (Near, because they fortunately have a second home in a still-Christian country that does not allow abortions.) When I remember myself as twenty, still enamored with the Nation of my birth, with an idealistic fervor for her history of pioneers and my French-Irish roots, I weep for a lost love. I weep for the love denied my children, who have grown up aware of what Canada has become, girding themselves for the battle to recover her soul. I weep for those who gave their lives for our future, only to have it cannibalized by inhuman ideologues.

Henry Morgentaler is a sorry excuse for a man. He is not human. He is missing something essential - the ability to recognize and appreciate humanity. Apparantly, he is not alone. If we are to believe that the 'Order of Canada' represents a National feeling of honour and respect for the recipient, Canada is full of sorry excuses.(Backed up by 'thought police').

I don't live in Canada anymore, I visit family.I'm a 'cultural exile'. An 'ex-pat'. I can't raise my children in a country that hates children. They deserve better. Luckily for Canada, they're bound to be as prolific as other Canadians aren't. Sooner or later the baby lovers will simply outnumber the zombies.
Then we'll all move home.

Reason and Faith

America has the conversion story of Jennifer Fulwiler(ET TU?). She tells of her journey from pro-choice atheist to pro-life Catholic:

"..All my life, the message I had heard loud and clear was that sex was for pleasure and bonding, that its potential for creating life was purely tangential, almost to the point of being forgotten. This mind-set became the foundation of my views on abortion. Because I saw sex as being by default closed to the possibility of life, I thought of unplanned pregnancies as akin to being struck by lightning while walking down the street—something totally unpredictable and undeserved that happened to people living normal lives...

...As I was reading up on the Catholic Church’s understanding of sex, marriage and contraception, everything changed. I had always assumed that Catholic teachings against birth control were outdated notions, even a thinly disguised attempt to oppress the faithful. What I found, however, was that these teachings expressed a fundamentally different understanding of sex. And once I discovered this, I never saw the world the same way again...

..Given my background, the Catholic idea that we are always to treat the sexual act with awe and respect, so much so that we should simply abstain if we are opposed to its life-giving potential, was a revolutionary message. Being able to consider honestly when life begins, to open my heart and mind to the wonder and dignity of even the tiniest of my fellow human beings, was not fully possible for me until I understood the nature of the act that creates these little lives in the first place..."

Well worth a complete read.

(*Note she's been added to the 'Culture of Life' blogroll!)


Te Deum has posted a very touching record of the Mass and burial of unborn babies at Assumption Grotto , Detroit.

This is the second time recently that our Bishop Quinn has presided at such an occassion, and I cannot be more grateful that my children have him as their Bishop. Although we are a somewhat inconvenient parish, being in the Caribbean, and he gets here sometimes only once a year, he knows the children's names, and makes sure to connect with them while he's here. This is how vocations develop. Example and presence. And lots of prayer.

God Bless all His good and faithful servants.

The Year of Paul

"You are the chosen instrument of God, Saint Paul, the apostle of the nations. You are the preacher of truth in all the world"