Quebec's Bishops' Assembly : Snobs Without A Cause

How not surprising that the head of Quebec's Bishops Assembly, Martin Veillette, takes potshots at Cardinal Oullette as he leaves for Rome. They have a history of difference. Cardinal Oullette unabashedly speaks truth. Martin Veillette is at best 'fuzzy'. Could there be a clearer example of the cause and the remedy to Quebec's societal degeneracy?

John Pacheco at SoConOrBust has an excellent article on Veillette's past and present 'fuzziness', and his unfortunate political attack on the lauded Cardinal:
“There are times”, the bishop says, “when it’s important to keep silent.” Indeed, the silence of the Quebec bishops on life issues these past 50 years makes you wonder if they will ever break their self-imposed and bogus vow of silence. You’d think that seeing their culture being completely destroyed would cause them to open their mouths and actually teach the Gospel of Life once in a while.

But why don’t they? Well, folks, the bishop tells us: “it’s a bit delicate“.

Can we expect Martin Veillette to be the next Quebec clergyman to run for office?

Because that's probably his best chance at 'promotion'...