40 Hours of Prayer and Adoration For the Unborn

Saint Ignatius Parish, Grand Cayman

Starting after Mass and leading to the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

"O Mary, Conceived Without Sin, Pray For Us "

"O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us, who have recourse to thee."

"O God, who by the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, did prepare a worthy dwelling place for Your Son, we beseech You that, as by the forseen death of this, Your Son, You did preserve Her from all stain, so too You would permit us, purified by Her intercession, to come unto You.

Through the same Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, world without end. Amen. "

The Doctrine



Advent Charity: Holy Innocents Center, Kingston, Jamaica

If you are looking for a place to be charitable this Advent, think of helping the Missionaries of the Poor. Especially pray for their 'mother and child' project - the Holy Innocents Center in Kingston, Jamaica.

Jamaica has been struggling against world pressure to legalize abortion, and the M.O.P. have a very practical solution- care for mothers and babies.

Our family has chosen this particular charity for our Advent sacrifice. Myself, my sons Mark and Paul, and one of their friends, will be praying and running in the Cayman Marathon Relay on Sunday (Dec.4), as the 'Webster Rundown' team. Each leg is approx. 6.5 mi., and we are hoping to come in under 4 hrs.
Please pray with us (race starts 5am EST ) and , if inspired, donate to M.O.P. (scroll to bottom of link page.)

UPDATE : Our team ran the Cayman Marathon in 4:21, and I have been told that some funds were raised for M.O.P.!

A group that regularly prays, runs and raises money for life, is LifeRunners . Check them out for an event near you.

Happy Advent!


"Advent Conspiracy - Enter the Story 2011"


Needs Focused Service : Mass Mutual

I am impressed by the amount of research and interest exhibited by this insurance company in it's 'Special Needs' focused service. I also love their tv ads and this video:

Nice to see companies reaching out for business/service in this way and for these children.


Saint Andrew Novena - Anticipating Christmas

A special devotion is a lovely way to focus ourselves and our families on the advent of the Christ. This one, being prayed 15 times a day , has the purpose of drawing us back to the centre throughout the day:

Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold. In that hour, vouchsafe, O my God! to hear my prayer and grant my desires, through the merits of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, and of His Blessed Mother. Amen.

Thank-you, Saint Andrew.



Make Me Proud, CANADA

I love Canada. Of course! My (rather large) family is there. I think the geography is amazing. I even love the variety of weather! I love our history and (real) culture. It hurts me to know how indifferent Canadians are to the waste of humankind that is perpetuated , with the help of their indifference and their own taxes. 100,000 Canadian babies are murdered in the womb each year. A crime of depravity ignored by just about everybody. Canadians don't care.

I remember being so proud of Canada as a teen finishing highschool. I couldn't wait to get out there and participate more fully in the future of Canada. I was heart broken to find out how narrowminded and selfish the established 'politically correct' dialogue was, how they excluded truth and reality in favour of a self centered imposed secularism.

Reality bites.

I love Canada, but I am not proud of Canada. Yes, some good people manage to ignore the PC regime, teach their children right from wrong, and maintain their humanity inspite of regulated indoctrination through publicly funded school systems and ideologically enslaved media. Yes, sometimes the government manages to take small steps in the right direction - the direction of true liberty - the freedom to love God and each other in a fully human way. Yes, I have moments of hope for Canada.

Today is a moment of hope.

I hope - really, really hope - that Canadians elect MPs who understand how to be fully human.

Who understand that human life is sacred from beginning to end. Who understand that a human family is an important social unit, one organized and defined by God, and that no 'human' fantastical manipulations can redefine it.

Who aren't sucked into the current 'make-believe' social reconstruction and refuse to encourage or finance it.

I hope for Canada, the most prolife, pro-family, God fearing parliament.

I hope this, because I love and pray for Canada and all Canadians.

God Bless Canada



"O Sacred Head Now Wounded"

O sacred Head, now wounded,
with grief and shame weighed down,
now scornfully surrounded
with thorns, thine only crown:
how pale thou art with anguish,
with sore abuse and scorn!
How does that visage languish
which once was bright as morn!

What thou, my Lord, has suffered
was all for sinners' gain;
mine, mine was the transgression,
but thine the deadly pain.
Lo, here I fall, my Savior!
'Tis I deserve thy place;
look on me with thy favor,
vouchsafe to me thy grace.

What language shall I borrow
to thank thee, dearest friend,
for this thy dying sorrow,
thy pity without end?
O make me thine forever;
and should I fainting be,
Lord, let me never, never
outlive my love for thee.

Text: Anonymous; trans. by Paul Gerhardt and James W. Alexander
Music: Hans L. Hassler, 1564-1612; harm. by J.S. Bach, 1685-1750


" Four Scenes from the Passion "

(Follower of Barend van Orley, circa 1520)


The Garden of Gesthemane - Giorgio Vasari



Archbishop Currie explains how CCCB report on the investigation of Development and Peace partners was written by D & P...

Archbishop Martin Currie of St. John’s Newfoundland has said that a report that exonerated several pro-abortion groups funded by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P) and that slammed LifeSiteNews.com (LSN), was actually written by D&P along with the then-General Secretary of the Bishops conference, Mario Paquette...

... Archbishop Currie acknowledged that LifeSiteNews’ investigation may well have been more accurate than that of his delegation. “With LifeSite, perhaps they would dig a lot deeper ... and make connections which perhaps we didn’t make because we don’t have that kind of access or time.”...

I guess nobody is surprised that a document 'investigated' by D & P and ultimately written by D & P , does not censure D & P. I guess noone is surprised that they took the opportunity to make a swipe at LifeSiteNews, the agency that broke the scandal.

Thank God for bishops like Archbishop Prendergast, who felt that the matter of his flock sending 'charity' to abortion promoters was important enough to warrant his time and personal initiative.

And ask God for many more new bishops just like him.



40 Days For Life - Day 40

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!"

--Revelation 21:4-5

As pro-life warriors, we must keep our eyes fixed on heaven, and our hearts secure in the hope that the day is coming when all evil will be conquered. It is the future that shapes the present; it is victory that informs the battle; it is the destination that determines the journey...

Balancing Job,College, and the Respect For Life

Leah Chen is a 20-year-old with a mission. The full-time college student and part-time teller is also the local director of the 40 Days for Life Campaign which is making an area abortion clinic a focus of its prayers...

Day 40 Devotional


Vatican Blogfest

The list of 150 bloggers invited to attend in person the meeting at the Vatican is here!

Congratulations to those selected from the 750 requests! We hope the meeting is enlightening.


(AFP/ANSA/File/Alessandro Bianchi)

40 Days For Life - Day 39


We have reason to rejoice when we consider the many babies whose lives have been saved during the 40 Days for Life campaign. Add to those lives, the women and men who have been spared from a devastating decision and now have opportunity to make a plan for their baby that is both life affirming and God honoring.

Day 39 Devotional




IF I could vote (which as a non-resident, I cannot) I would vote for the candidate, not the party. In Canada, for a supporter of the culture of life, what other option is there?

It's not as if , in voting CPC, you guarantee that prolife views will even be heard. They won't be. The PM has taken pains to make that clear.

So since none of the possible winners (overall) are supporters of the 'culture of life', I would vote for the candidate in my riding that has the best understanding of life and family - regardless of party. What difference could it make- how could it be worse?

You may want to factor in economics, and freedom... in which case, I suppose CPC makes more sense marginally - but I would never vote for a CPC candidate who was life-ignorant , over another candidate who was solidly prolife. Never.

If I could vote...

National March For Life MAY 12 OTTAWA


40 Days For Life - Day 38

Fr. Frank Pavone:

"It's Friday. Liars attempt to speak for all women and hide the pain of abortion, and ignore the evidence of how it harms women, and call abortion a blessing. But that's because it's Friday. Sunday's comin'! It's Friday. People of hardened hearts guard the clinics and usher desperate women in to have their abortions, while keeping them from the pro-life people who want to give them hope. But that's because it's Friday. Sunday's comin'!

Hope does not mean that we ignore or minimize the evils around us. It means, rather, that we see the whole picture, which is that evil is conquered because of what happened one Sunday morning. The power of sin and death has been broken by the Resurrection of Christ. We are called to proclaim, celebrate, and serve that victory, waiting in joyful hope for Christ's return and the full flowering of the Culture of Life! Indeed, Sunday's comin'!"

Day 38 Devotional


40 Days For Life - Day 37

Norma McCorvey (the former Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade) used to work at an abortion mill named "A Choice for Women." She now realizes what a cruel irony that title was. She saw first hand, just as pregnancy resource center counselors see, that women don't get abortions because of freedom of choice, but rather because they feel they have no freedom and no choice. They feel trapped, abandoned, desperate and afraid, and have been led to believe that abortion is their only option.

Day 37 Devotional

Liberty & Life

...Speaking for the Iowa Family Leader's presidential lecture series in Sioux City, Paul said that he is troubled when he hears libertarians advocate for abortion rights. Describing conversations with supporters, the Texas congressman and presidential hopeful said he often here a “libertarian type of argument” along the lines of “it’s the woman’s body. She can do whatever she wants. She can have an abortion.”

“I don’t like them to use that argument – that believing in liberty means you can kill the unborn,” Paul said.

Paul contended that libertarianism and opposing abortion are not separate philosophies, but rather stem from the same belief structure.

“Life comes from our creator, not our government. Liberty comes from our creator, not from government,” he said. “Therefore, the purpose, if there is to be a purpose, for government is to protect life and liberty.”
(h/t The Western Confucian)


Democrats = Abortion

Ann Coulter:

...I don’t think Republicans did it deliberately. I’m pretty sure they just wanted to cut funding for Planned Parenthood. But, holy cow, did they find the Democrats’ weak spot!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threatened to shut down the government to save abortions in the District of Columbia. Reid, who is known as a “pro-life Democrat,” said cutting Planned Parenthood’s funding was the “one issue” on which he would not budge...


CCHD Renewal Floundering - RCN Alerts Donors

“The very idea that the CCHD would praise CIW in a document that apologizes for funding pro-abortion, pro-homosexual organizations in the past and promises to make a stronger effort to avoid doing so in the future seriously undermines their credibility,” ...

...“The CIW's participation with these groups directly violates the CCHD Renewal documents restriction on participating in coalitions which have positions or actions which contradict fundamental Catholic moral and social teaching.” said Rob Gasper, founder of RCN member Bellarmine Veritas Ministry. “The CCHD's lack of oversight even in its renewal document underscores our concern and call for a delay in the national collection until the 2010 grants list is released.”


40 Days For Life - Day 36


“I am a 60-year-old woman who had four abortions when I was a young woman — spiritually and emotionally lost,” she wrote.

“Since I returned to church in 1992, I have experienced Christ’s mercy and healing more powerfully than words can express. He is my treasure. He is the meaning and purpose of my life.”

She adds that she’s praying daily — and she’s fasting from coffee!

“I cry with joy for the babies saved and the minds and hearts changed,” she wrote. “May He continue to bless the babies, mothers and others through your beautiful commitment!”

Day 36 Devotional

UN Pushing Abortion In Africa.


KAIROS : Why Not

Some links to remind me WHY NOT to support KAIROS :

...The December 19 Toronto Star article by Les Whittington describes Kairos: Working with 21 partner organizations around the world, KAIROS sponsors projects promoting social and economic justice in Africa, Asia, Latin American and the Middle East.

In a Dec 21 Star article Rosie DiManno writes that KAIROS, "has for decades been active in promoting "liberation theology" sponsoring and facilitating social, economic and ecological justice around the world, including the Middle East."

The KAIROS website reveals that the organization has a strong commitment to the global anti-aids movement, including repeated positive references to Stephen Lewis who has condemned Uganda's unwillingness to adopt the spectacularly failed condom strategy against aids and who is intensely pro-abortion...

..The organization promotes major actions to combat climate change. KAIROS is a co-signer to an open letter to Canada's Parliament titled "Supporting the Copenhagen Climate Bill" which states "Failure to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases will lead to catastrophic changes in our climate, threatening millions of people with drought, famine, extreme weather events and rising sea levels." Many of the co-signing groups are known strong supporters of population control...

..Leading KAIROS member Churches, the United Church of Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada, have a history of strong support for abortion access and for homosexual "marriage" and the acceptance of homosexual behaviour.

The Catholic Church does not NEED to be associated with groups that support anti-human projects, or groups that support groups that do. The Catholic Church does the most work in Africa (for example)in a completely human friendly and ethical and totally Catholic way.

ONLY GIVE MONEY TO PEOPLE THAT DON'T PROMOTE ANTI-PEOPLE AGENDAS - directly or indirectly. We are big enough, worldwide and effective enough to support only the best, without any compromise. Who does it serve to give money to unsavoury partners?

It doesn't serve God.

40 Days For Life - Day 35


While a 40 Days for Life volunteer was praying with her daughter at the vigil in La Puente, a young mom came by “with the most gorgeous baby,” according to the volunteer. The woman told the volunteer that prior to the child’s arrival she had an abortion.

“It took me eight years wanting another child,” she said. “But I wasn’t able to conceive. Then one day, I passed by the abortion clinic and noticed the 40 Days for Life campaign. I told my elder sons, ‘We’re going to pray.’ A few months later, I was expecting my third child.”

The young mom’s family would tell her, “Be quiet! You can never talk about your abortion!” But now, she says, “After eight years I will no longer keep quiet. Although I didn’t save my baby, I can help save the lives of babies to come.”

Day 35 Devotional

"We Shall Not Weary"



40 Days For Life - Day 34

"Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean; Put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes. Cease to do evil, Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor; Defend the fatherless, Plead for the widow."

-- Isaiah 1:16-17

Day 34 Devotional

Former Abortion Workers Speak


What Is 'Conservative' and Does It Matter ?

David Mills writes an interesting article which posits that the definition of marriage is both more important and more attainable than the definition of 'conservative'- and rebuts Steort's article on marriage :

... Imagine the original editors of National Review, Buckley, Kirk, Chambers, and the rest, and others of their sort, gathered in a room in the fifties, and then imagine the scalding rebuke they would have given to someone who proposed homosexual “marriage” as a conservative position, especially if he argued for it on the basis of “maximal experiential union.”...



"You Are A Priest Forever"

Seminarians from St. Mary`s National Seminary of Ggaba (Uganda)

Very moving.

(h/t Jeremy Garton FB)

Vatican Reaching Out To Bloggers

Looking forward to the video-journals from this meeting of minds :

Vatican Blogfest

In a fitting tribute to a pontiff whose last major text prophetically spoke of the "rapid development" of the means of communication, the Holy See has announced plans for a first-of-its-kind encounter with the world of new media, to be held a day after the 1 May beatification of Pope John Paul II.

Arranged by the Pontifical Councils for Culture and Social Communications, the "Meeting with Bloggers" will take place at the Via della Conciliazione building where both dicasteries have their offices.

Intended to foster an exchange between bloggers and the global church's media chiefs...

(h/t Te Deum laudumus)

40 Days For Life - Day 33

The dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she bore her child he might devour it. She gave birth to a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to his throne
-- Revelation 12:4-5


One of the 247 locations where 40 Days for Life is taking place right now is in the nation of Georgia — a place with a long, sad history regarding abortion.

Here are some of the things that Carolyn, the local coordinator, has told us about this first-time campaign …

Day 33 Devotional


Branding: Planned Parenthood Makes Pink Ugly

Kathryn Jean Lopez

"...the nearly billion-dollar organization has been working overtime to protect its “brand.”

Brand is in quotes because it’s a quote from Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards (daughter of the late former Texas governor Ann Richards). She told Politico last month that “going after the strongest brand in women’s health in America is one of the stupidest things the Republican Party could have done.”

Stupid? Or effective? As defunding Planned Parenthood has become a rallying cry of not just pro-life activists but fiscal conservatives like Grover Norquist, its pretty-in-pink media and bipartisanly protected spin as a beacon of “women’s health” is coming undone...


40 Days For Life - Day 31


...He has a perfect plan for each woman and her child if only she will allow Christ to transform her life as she surrenders to Him. No, an unexpected pregnancy is not the end of life, but rather can be the beginning of two beautiful lives if God's plan for them is given opportunity to unfold...

Day 31 Devotional

Birthright International

Living Together - Not 'O.K.'

Archbishop Sheehan:
"We are all painfully aware that there are many Catholics today who are living in cohabitation. The Church must make it clear to the faithful that these unions are not in accord with the Gospel, and to help Catholics who find themselves in these situations to do whatever they must do to make their lives pleasing to God.

First of all, we ourselves must be firmly rooted in the Gospel teaching that, when it comes to sexual union, there are only two lifestyles acceptable to Jesus Christ for His disciples: a single life of chastity, or the union of man and woman in the Sacrament of Matrimony. There is no “third way” possible for a Christian..."



"Does D & P Not Get It?"

Father Raymond J. de Souza
"Is the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P) indisputably committed to the Gospel of life? Is the pro-life cause as important as, say, their campaign against bottled water? Recent events in Ottawa have brought into question D&P’s pro-life commitment, and therefore the prudence of contributing money to its annual Share Lent campaign..."

"Pro-Life Med Students Face Discrimination"

John Bruchalski, M.D. & Dominique J. Monlezun Jr

We recently completed a two-week national bioethics tour through 23 medical schools and universities with Medical Students for Life of America, during which we hoped to let some of America’s top medical students know that they are not alone in facing discrimination based on their pro-life beliefs. Nearly 1,000 medical students from both sides of this debate joined us to engage this question, from Harvard Medical School to Mayo, from the University of Pittsburgh to the University of Virginia. Some of the stories we heard may startle you...

..This nationwide discrimination makes countless students hide their beliefs — and their identities — for fear of risking their grades and careers. This means fewer pro-life doctors are available to the increasing number of patients who consider themselves pro-life and seek like-minded doctors. As the wife of one GWU medical student asked after our event there, “What about my conscience rights as a patient?”..

( John Bruchalski, M.D., is a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Dominique J. Monlezun Jr. is the national coordinator of Medical Students for Life of America.)

ABOG Threatens Prolife Ob-Gyn
LifeSiteNews Links

40 Days For Life - Day 30

Day 30 Devotional



"Doctor Meets Bioethicist"

(h/t Binky)

Pete Singer
Architect of Culture of Death

40 Days For Life - Day 29

To stand up for what is right means we stand against what is wrong, and that means that those who love what is wrong will oppose us, just as they opposed Christ. Taking up the cross means we continue speaking and standing for the right even when that opposition comes.

Day 29 Devotional

LifeSiteNews Rocks - Detractors Are Wrong

Readers may have noticed that I frequently link to LifeSiteNews stories. This is because I have found them to be a reliable, fair and thorough source of information on life issues around the world. A recent Catholic Culture site review of LifeSiteNews would seem to concur.

Not everyone can bring themselves to accept that lay people have access to knowledge of right and wrong - even as regards Catholic institutions or individuals. They find it shocking and dangerous that the 'hierarchy of information' has been disturbed by the lowly person in the pew, sharing information and demanding accountability .

As patient as a mother of eight can be (or not) I am fed up with the pettiness and vitriol of some maligners of good journalists and faithful Catholics doing their Christian duty.

I care that my friends are being attacked maliciously and publicly and that those perpetrating this injustice are (mis)using their collars to gain an audience. I think it's wrong. A horrible example . Shameful. A scandal.

Am I being dangerous or 'hateful' to say so?


LSN: Charity Answerable To Truth

Especially For Fr. Rosica


LIFE Mob : Love-Hope-Joy Radicals

40 Days For Life - Day 28

Ephesians 2:4-5 says, "But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in sin, made us alive together with Christ; by grace you have been saved."

Because of God's mercy and grace towards us, we who receive Him receive eternal Hope. Those who curse you, hate you, spitefully mistreat you and persecute you need that same Hope. That is the only way we can ever expect them to behave differently. Ask the Holy Spirit to love them -- through you -- so they are drawn to the Hope that is in you, that is Christ Jesus.

In Christ alone, who took on flesh
Fullness of God in helpless babe
This gift of love and righteousness
Scorned by the ones He came to save
‘Til on that cross as Jesus died
The wrath of God was satisfied
For every sin on Him was laid
Here in the death of Christ I live
(h/t Durham Catholic Society)
Day 28 Devotional


40 Days For Life - Day 27

Father of mercy and grace, we thank you for the gift of our children. Grant that every fiber of our being may rejoice when a new baby, our own or any else's, is born into the world. Help us to welcome them as we would welcome you, for whenever a new baby is conceived, another life to bear your image and another voice to praise and worship you, is beginning. In Christ's name we pray. Amen.

Day 27 Devotional


Archbishop Prendergast Cancels D&P Speaker's Tour

Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast has cancelled the speaking engagements of the head of one of Development and Peace’s partners, after personally investigating and finding that the actions of the partner are “incompatible with the Church’s defence of the right to life from conception to natural death.”

Thank-you Archbishop Prendergast.

40 Days For Life - Day 25

Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, 'surely we did not know this', does not He who weighs the hearts consider it? He who keeps your soul, does He not know it? And will He not render to each man according to his deeds?

-- Proverbs 24:11-12


.."We knew that, when people went out and peacefully prayed in front of these clinics, moms would choose life. We trusted that, we hoped for that and certainly, it’s been a blessing to see that.

One thing that has been out of the middle of nowhere has been the 43 abortion clinic workers who have […] had conversions and quit their jobs. Many of them have actually prayed on our side of the fence […] in front of the abortion facilities that they were working.."

Day 25 Devotional


Canadian Doctors Advocate Euthanasia by Dehydration

In a statement released today, the Cdn Paediatrics 'bioethics' committee advocated the death by dehydration of children not otherwise dying.

Alex Shadenburg of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition comments :

When a person is actually dying and nearing death, the death occurs from the medical condition. But when a person has cognitive or other serious disabilities or conditions, but is not otherwise dying, when fluids and food are intentionally withheld or withdrawn, the cause of death is intentional dehydration.

Many leading bioethicists would like you to believe that there is no difference between killing and letting die, but in fact there is a big difference. When we allow the killing of a person, we are allowing an intentional action or omission to directly cause death. Letting someone die means that we are actually allowing natural death to occur.

Some bioethicists will refer to the "artificial" nature of providing fluids and food as the issue. This argument is false. We always receive fluids and food by some means, whether it be by a spoon, straw, bottle or mothers milk, etc...

You MUST be the advocate for your loved ones. You. In Canada, only doctors that you know personally to be true, can be trusted to have the survival of your loved one as their objective.

Canadian doctors practice the withholding of food and hydration, as "legally and ethically acceptable as part of a palliative care plan" - but how does that apply to a child who is not actually dying at the moment?

"The CPS makes clear that any decision should be based solely on the benefit to the child, while considering the child's overall plan of care."

When does it benefit the child to not provide food and hydration, causing death? Why does the CPS believe they hold the key to the 'rubric of human value'?

Who made them GOD?

Also troubling is the way that the Canadian media has no problem with this. As with other 'culture of death' issues (like abortion) they present information as if no public discussion should be expected. Canadians are 'told' what the deal is. That's the end of it. Accept.


Be part of that minority of Canadians that speaks up against the self-annihilating societal 'norms' perpetuated by ignorance, selfishness and moral depravity .

Save Canada from itself.

Canadian Physicians For Life


40 Days For Life - Day 24


“Thank you,” said the e-mail message one of the Charlotte coordinators received. “You saved my baby today!” ...

Day 24 Devotional


Real Bishop : Denver

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput:

"We live in a time when the Church is called to be a believing community of resistance. We need to call things by their true names. We need to fight the evils we see. And most importantly, we must not delude ourselves into thinking that by going along with the voices of secularism and de-Christianization we can somehow mitigate or change things. Only the Truth can set men free. We need to be apostles of Jesus Christ and the Truth he incarnates."

(h/t Integrated Catholic)

40 Days For Life - Day 23


"Today is Terri’s Day — the 6th anniversary of the death of Terri Schiavo, who died after nutrition and hydration were cut off, against the wishes of her family.

It’s a day to recall her story, and to pray that all would recognize the value and dignity of all human life.
Today’s devotional certainly fits; we are all 'fearfully and wonderfully made' — from the child in the womb to those nearing the end of this life — and anyone society deems inconvenient."

Day 23 Devotional


UPDATE : Campbell Soup and Solae Drop Controversial Testing

LifeSiteNews :

"After the release of information yesterday on corporations partnered with a biotech company found using aborted fetal cells lines in food flavor testing, LifeSiteNews.com has learned that two of those companies – Solae and Campbell Soup – are no longer partnered with the unethical testing company..."



40 Days For Life - Day 22

Pray for fathers who participated in the decision to abort their child, and for those who did not have a voice, that they would find freedom and healing in Christ.

Day 22 Devotional

Dad's Brain



Consumer Alert : Does Your Food Taste 'Good'?

Biotech company using aborted fetal cell lines to test its flavor enhancers

Yes. The usual suspects. Pepsico, Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup, Solae and Nestlé are collaborating with Senomyx :

Senomyx website states that “The company's key flavor programs focus on the discovery and development of savory, sweet and salt flavor ingredients that are intended to allow for the reduction of MSG, sugar and salt in food and beverage products....Using isolated human taste receptors, we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor.”

Senomyx notes their collaborators provide them research and development funding plus royalties on sales of products using their flavor ingredients.

“What they do not tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors...

...“They could have easily chosen COS (monkey) cells, Chinese Hamster Ovary cells, insect cells or other morally obtained human cells expressing the G protein for taste receptors”, Vinnedge added.

Read the whole article for the 'responses' to public disgust.

Stem Cell Research and the Catholic Church



Lenten Music Online
Musical Musings

40 Days For Life - Day 21


To be or not to be?

There is no question!

The question of "being" is something philosophers have long pondered. What is the meaning of being and what is the source? ... We have being because we are known by God.


...Former Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk on Sunday told about 200 people gathered for a pro-life rally in Kettering that it’s important to maintain respect for all kinds of life, not just the unborn child.

“If there is no life, there is nothing. There is no hope, there is no joy, there is no outreach into the world,” said Pilarczyk, 76, who served as archbishop of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati from 1982 through 2009.

He led a praying of the rosary before speaking at the event outside the Women’s Med Center, 1401 E. Stroop Road. The event marked a midpoint of the Dayton 40 Days for Life campaign, which features prayer, peaceful vigil at abortion facilities and educational outreach as part of a national program.

Pilarcyzk said afterward that he supports Ohio House Bill 125, known as the “heartbeat bill,” which would outlaw abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be medically detected, generally about six or seven weeks.

“Anything that limits the destruction of life, I’m for,” he said.

Mary Britt, a member of the local 40 Days for Life committee, said “all of the country is watching” Ohio...

Day 21 Devotional



Causes of deaths in Canada


The Interim:

On Jan. 29, the National Post ran a full-page feature article on the causes of death in Canada. Most of it was a graphic presentation, using proportionate-sized circles, showing how people died in 1967 and 2007. The National Post article stated, “Death is life’s one and only inevitable event, and it comes in many ways – officially, there are 999 causes.” However, as Interim reader and advertiser, Cambridge lawyer Paul Vandervet wrote to them in an unpublished letter to the editor, it did not include abortions. So there are 1,000 ways to die and the illustration and story did not include the number one cause of death: abortion.

The paper also stated that “Considering the way we die tells us much about the way we live." ....

Canadians like to be comfy. Sacrifice is not understood as an opportunity , but as a burden, to be avoided at all costs. Abortion saves countless (well, about 100,000 a year) Canadians from the burden of sacrificing time, physical discomfort and money, at the cost of sacrificing soul, family, peace of mind, physical well being, someone to love and A HUMAN LIFE.

Its a 'chicken and the egg' phenomenom. Which came first- the total moral and intellectual degradation of the public school system, or the total ignorance of the elements of being truly human (what separates Canadians from earwhigs)- for example USING intellect to seek TRUTH and form MORAL judgements based on REALITY? - CARING?

The pioneers would be Oh so proud! of what a wasteland Canada has become - how their efforts to establish a 'new land' have to be repeated over and over for lack of progeny to carry things forward - a lack of national will to live !

We're not multi-cultural... just perpetually seeking a culture that will stick. Right now we're working hard to have a rainbow culture which common sense dictates, will have its own troubles producing descendants. Then there is Quebec, who has a fictional culture that is really only a language on totalitarian life support ... None of which, naturally, is in the 'area of interest' of the current Prime Minister. (Why should he rock the sinking boat?)

Yeah Canada!


40 Days For Life - Day 20

O Lord, help us follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Let us humbly and diligently work to restore legal protection for the unborn, the disabled, the medically dependent and all innocent children of God whose lives are threatened. Let us remember the old adage that "He can never lead who has not first learned to obey." And, Lord, grant us a peaceful heart as we labor in your name. Amen.

Day 20 Devotional



40 Days For Life - Day 19


I had my first experience last week with the 40 Days for Life taking place in front of Met Hospital. It was an eye-opener.

An eye-opener because I had not realized the venom and rudeness of the pro-abortion faction. Yes, I know that they prefer "pro-choice" but that is a euphemism as I discovered from their response to our standing there...

"When Carol Everett, a former abortionist and post-abortive woman, was asked what turned her heart from death to life in Christ, she said, 'It was unconditional love,' shown by a man who prayed daily for her in front of the abortion clinic where she worked."

Day 19 Devotional


Princeton 'Theological' Seminary Silences Prolife Student

Nat'l pro-life leaders, Black community respond to student's persecution at Princeton

"National Pro-Life and Black Community Leaders responded today to Princeton University's persecution of a pro-life student who has been passing out informative literature on Black Genocide. The student advertised Maafa 21, a recent Life Dynamics movie on the history of Black Genocide, by posting flyers and hosting screenings of the movie on campus, while also passing out Human Life Review literature to educate her peers..."


40 Days For Life - Day 18


"Many of you have said that you fervently believe that it's God's will that this work continue and that it must grow. There are two important things you can do to help make that happen.

The first way you can contribute to the future of this mission is through your continued prayer. In addition, the coordination and growth of the 40 Days for Life effort will require financial assistance.

40 Days for Life was incorporated as a non-profit organization in order to accept contributions to fund this work. You are prayerfully invited to support the life-saving mission of 40 Days for Life. "

Day 18 Devotional



40 Days For Life - Day 17


"If you ever doubt that we can bring an end to this culture of death, this destruction of the family, this destruction of life by abortion, if you ever think for a moment that it's impossible, then ask yourself this: Can a man who has been scourged, crowned with thorns, nailed hands and feet to a cross, pierced with a lance, has died and been buried; can such a man ever live again?"

Day 17 Devotional


The Wonderful Yes



Tale of Two Bishops


                                 (Archbishop Predergast leading his flock.)

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast has reaffirmed his support for the National March For Life, despite the probable use of graphic images by some attendees. This comes on the heels of a statement by Archbishop Richard Smith announcing the Alberta bishops boycott of the provincial March For Life, as a protest against the use of graphic images of abortion.

Who is being a true shepherd? Can both be right?

I think if we read the balanced approach of Archbishop Prendergast we recognize that he not only supports lay people and the fight against abortion but also freedom of expression and an openminded approach to advocacy for the unborn. Contrasted with Archbishop Smith's ultimately damaging approach, Ottawa would seem to have a more trusting and trust worthy shepherd.

The Alberta bishops are particularly unhelpful and disappointing. The prolife youth in Alberta have recently been in legal difficulties at the Univ. of Calgary for using graphic images in their advocacy. The Alberta bishops are behaving as if they are too delicate to be able to understand an approach they find personally upsetting. They admit that the organizers of the Alberta MFL have not refused to guarantee no graphic images will be used, but simply cannot guarantee it. Still they boycott. They make a pretense of having serious philosophical problems with the display of graphic images, such that they cannot bear to be associated with them - that it would be WRONG to do so. This is confusing, since they say they are not interfering with the attendance of the March by their flock . Is it wrong or not?

Compared to Archbishop Prendergast's approach, the Alberta bishops look suspiciously like they are being only politically correct. Not wanting to judge the bishops, I admit there's a possibility they are merely being naive. Perhaps they are not aware that their boycott gives power to advocates FOR abortion and will be used against the ecumenical lay efforts of their community. (Can they be so naive?)

Who knows why dioceses of Canada that need particular help with faithfulness, have bishops who bring mixed messages at best.

Let us hope and pray that Canada receives the help of more and more bishops like Archbishop Terrence Prendergast (Ottawa) and Archbishop Thomas Collins (Toronto) - because Canada could surely use an upgrade in Catholic teaching and practice.


40 Days For Life - Day 16


"Often the womb has been referred to as the 'first home of the whole human race.' It is the place where life begins, where our stories start. In the womb the great men and women of history began their magnificent march through life. In the womb Divinity met humanity, and God the Son was born into the world."

Day 16 Devotional


US Accused of Lying To Secure Support For Gay 'Rights' Declaration


In their statement in support of the “sexual orientation” declaration, the US stated that it was proud to join in support of “LGBT rights”, which the delegate likened to the struggle for democracy in parts of the world, including the Middle East. In a press release issued today, the US touted its role in securing 20 additional countries to sign onto this year’s declaration, who had not signed onto the 2008 or 2006 statements.

Which apparently they acquired by lying, through a series of meetings, to the Latin American delegates, telling them that the Vatican had changed its opposition to the declaration. US officials acknowledge they had meetings, but deny lying... they only IMPLIED that the Vatican was now in agreement.

"..they were only told that the Holy See was against violence against all individuals including those based on their sexual orientation."

Archbishop Tomasi clarifies the Vatican's actual stand :

“Human sexuality, like any voluntary activity, possesses a moral dimension,” said Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, on behalf of the Holy See. “It is an activity which puts the individual will at the service of a finality; it is not an “identity”. In other words, it comes from the action and not from the being, even though some tendencies or “sexual orientations” may have deep roots in the personality. Denying the moral dimension of sexuality leads to denying the freedom of the person in this matter, and undermines ultimately his/her ontological dignity,” said Tomasi.

UN Human rights - rights without the freedom 'to be' or the dignity 'of being' more than a body with bodily functions . A world where the human being is just a body - and only some bodies are valuable. Gays ,apparently , are somebodies - but only when 'being' gay? Perhaps you are only a 'somebody' if you are having sex. That fits with current attitudes towards the unborn, the old, sick, disabled or poor(except those having sex- they are very interested in those bodies).



LifeSiteNews Story Inspires Int'l Effort

LifeSiteNews prints the stories we never read in the secular media. The secular media have a perspective that does not revere life... more than that , it has an agenda to depreciate the value of life.

Thanks to LifeSiteNews taking an interest in the Maraachli family's struggle against the 'omnipotence' of the Canadian medical society and the shallow inhumanity of a Canadian judge, prayer warriors and life activists leapt to the aid of 'Baby Joseph'.


The anti-euthanasia leader (Alex Schadenberg) says that our Feb. 17 article “launched the world-wide concern for baby Joseph.” After that, he says, “LifeSiteNews continued to publish daily articles that were accurate and they led the world-wide media in covering the baby Joseph story.”

Indeed, perhaps none of our recent stories illustrates better just what kind of impact LSN can have - literally saving lives - by simply by publishing the truth...

...Only at LSN did readers find the original interview with expert and pioneer neonatologist Dr. Paul Byrne, a champion for families fighting for appropriate care, who insisted that Joseph should have had the tracheotomy all along. Dr. Byrne pointed out that in 40 years of neonatology he has “never seen a time to turn off a ventilator.”

If a baby has a disease process that’s so bad that they’re going to die, then they die on the ventilator anyway,” he said.

These men and women have the right idea about journalism. They present the facts. Sometimes the facts are ugly, sometimes unflattering, sometimes frightening- they tell us what we need to know, so that we can take action. (Exactly why others DO NOT give us the facts!)



40 Days For Life - Day 15

..."Kitchener also recounts the story of a baby saved during 40 Days for Life. “We’ve received direct confirmation that a baby’s life was saved as a result of our peaceful prayer vigil at the Freeport Hospital abortion facility,” reported the group.

Last Wednesday, a lady approached the prayer volunteers after parking her car behind the prayer zone. The participants were concerned she had come to complain about their witness. “When the lady got to our prayer volunteer,” organizers recounted, “she explained to him that thanks to our 40 Days For Life prayerful witness, her 19-year old daughter changed her mind about having an abortion.”

The turnaround happened during Kitchener’s first 40 Days campaign in the fall of 2009. “The baby has already been born and is thriving somewhere in our community, bringing joy to its mother ... and grandmother!” participants said.

The 40 Days campaign is being hosted in 10 Canadian cities, as well as hundreds of cities in the U.S. and around the world..."

Day 15 Devotional



Promoting Eucharistic Adoration & Miracles Exhibit

Promoting Eucharistic Adoration & Miracles Exhibit

AdorationU.com from Cardinal Newman Society on Vimeo.

"Italian Teen Shows Us Why Eucharistic Miracles Matter"
...The power of such miracles, recorded for many centuries in the church, was apparent to Carlo Acutis, a 15-year-old boy in Milan, Italy. He compiled what has become the Vatican International Exhibition of the Eucharistic Miracles of the World that is now touring many countries. The exhibit is also traveling in the Diocese of Charleston.

Carlo’s faith is astounding when we learn that with some assistance from his mother, Antonia Salzano Acutis, a curator at the Pontifical Academy Cultorum Martyrum in Rome, the teen researched the entire collection of 140 officially recognized eucharistic miracles and arranged them in exhibition form...


"I'm Able To Model"


(Katie Fitzpatrick Photo by James Horan/Collins)

A new modelling agency to feature models with Down Syndrome launched in Dublin, on World Down Syndrome Day:

...“When our members came out on the catwalk, the place just erupted. It added so much to the event. It just struck me at the time that our young people got so much out of it and it benefited everyone. It showed that young people come in all shapes and sizes, and those with Down syndrome can participate alongside their peers.

She said she approached Jules Fallon of the First Option modelling agency, who was “completely open to it”.

A day’s casting has resulted in an agency with 20 models, including children, teenagers and adults, on the books...

( info@geminimodels.com in Kitchener, ON, Canada)

40 Days For Life - Day 14

"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

-- Matthew 11:28

College Park, Maryland

...Eventually, the building opened, and the couple went in.

Two hours later, they came out — to get more information. “Can I ask you a personal question?” the volunteer said to the woman. “Were you thinking about getting an abortion?”

“Yes, I was thinking about it. But now I’m not going to get one,” she answered.

What changed her mind? “That booklet,” she said. “I didn’t know the baby looked like that and was that size.”

So far this campaign, "40 Days For Life" has saved 101 lives - that they know of! Keep supporting them with your prayers!

Day 14 Devotional



World Down Syndrome Day - March 21


(h/t mommylife)

WDSD Website

40 Days For Life - Day 13

"Gracious God, loving our enemies seems like one of most difficult things you could ask of us. Please remind us that this is how you love and that if you ask it of us then you will give us the grace to do it. This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen."

Day 13 Devotional



"Who Is Baby Joseph, And Why Should I Care?"

Fr. Frank Pavone

The world has taken notice of a 14-month old baby from Canada whose family has been fighting the medical establishment since October to help their child breathe. Moe and Sana Maraachli were refused a tracheotomy for their son because the apparently fatal neurological disease that the child has renders further intervention “futile.”

Working with many others, we at Priests for Life arranged to have the baby transferred to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St Louis, and I went on the medical jet to pick up the baby and his father on Sunday night March 13. Now, the child has another chance at getting better care, and the family another chance at maximizing the time they can spend with their child.

A lot of media has accompanied the event. One reporter who was not too interested in covering the story asked, “Who the hell is Baby Joseph and why should I care?”

The short answer is, Baby Joseph is all of us.

After all, the problem underlying this case is not simply one particular hospital or the Canadian medical system. The problem is a philosophy of life that says that how valuable you are depends on how well you function. The problem is a philosophy of medicine that says that if someone is going to die anyway, there’s no benefit in prolonging life. The problem is a philosophy of suffering that says we can actually determine what somebody else’s level of happiness is, and measure their misery, and that if they don’t have the good sense to eliminate it, we can step in and do so against their wishes.

If we don’t think that we and our loved ones will be affected by this philosophy when it comes to our own medical challenges and decisions, we should think again. It’s happening every day, often with subtle or not so subtle pressure from medical professionals, who, instead of rendering medical judgments, render value judgments. Doctors are not supposed to judge for us the “meaning” or “value” of extending the life of a loved one, or our own life. Rather, they are supposed to judge for us whether a particular treatment or intervention will have certain effects on a loved one or on us. They need to leave it to us, in consultation with our family and clergy, to determine what meaning or value we find in the situation.

This is what the parents of Baby Joseph, together with Priests for Life and many others, are trying to say. Baby Joseph’s parents, who want to care for him no matter how long or short his life may be, were told that this life wasn’t worth extending. It’s time to draw a line in the sand and tell the medical profession that this is not their role. “Life not worth living” belongs to a philosophy that led to one of the world’s greatest holocausts, which ended with the declaration “Never Again.”

Our efforts on behalf of Baby Joseph can actually be summarized by those two words.

more pictures


40 Days For Life - Day 12

"Human rights are not a privilege conferred by government. They are every human being's entitlement by virtue of his humanity. I have no new teaching for America. I seek only to recall you to faithfulness to what you once taught the world. Your nation was founded on the proposition very old as a moral precept, but startling and innovative as a political insight that human life is a gift of immeasurable worth, and that it deserves, always and everywhere, to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect." (Mother Teresa)

Day 12 Devotional


Prolifers Should Expect Firebombs



"According to the TMS, which has filed a complaint with the FBI about the incident, a Kalispell police officer arrived only after a lengthy delay. The Society reports the police officer told the 40 Days prayer vigil participants that they should expect this kind of reaction if they’re out protesting.

“We are appalled by this terrible act of violence, while we’re immensely grateful that God’s grace spared this valiant pro-lifer any serious injury,” said Thomas Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society.

Brejcha, however, took issue with the handling of the affair by the Kalispell police officer, calling his reaction “equally appalling, indeed outrageous.” Brejcha said they would be filing a disciplinary complaint against the officer and a desk sergeant who was also unhelpful."

40 Days For Life - Day 11

Catholic SanFrancisco :
The former Planned Parenthood Golden Gate announced it is closing all of its clinics in the Bay Area, saying it did not have enough money to pay its employees.

Golden Gate Community Health President and CEO Therese Wilson said her management team had reduced operating costs by 33 percent and saved $600,000 a month. GGCH is still trying to raise funds to keep one or two locations open. But, Wilson said in a press release, slow reimbursement by the state and reduced donor giving made it impossible to close the revenue gap.

The March 1 announcement by Golden Gate Community Health came just eight days before 40 Days for Life Lenten prayer vigils were to begin at GGCH’s San Francisco and San Mateo clinics. It also comes less than six months after Planned Parenthood Federation of America cut ties with the Bay Area affiliate...

Day 11 Devotional