Causes of deaths in Canada


The Interim:

On Jan. 29, the National Post ran a full-page feature article on the causes of death in Canada. Most of it was a graphic presentation, using proportionate-sized circles, showing how people died in 1967 and 2007. The National Post article stated, “Death is life’s one and only inevitable event, and it comes in many ways – officially, there are 999 causes.” However, as Interim reader and advertiser, Cambridge lawyer Paul Vandervet wrote to them in an unpublished letter to the editor, it did not include abortions. So there are 1,000 ways to die and the illustration and story did not include the number one cause of death: abortion.

The paper also stated that “Considering the way we die tells us much about the way we live." ....

Canadians like to be comfy. Sacrifice is not understood as an opportunity , but as a burden, to be avoided at all costs. Abortion saves countless (well, about 100,000 a year) Canadians from the burden of sacrificing time, physical discomfort and money, at the cost of sacrificing soul, family, peace of mind, physical well being, someone to love and A HUMAN LIFE.

Its a 'chicken and the egg' phenomenom. Which came first- the total moral and intellectual degradation of the public school system, or the total ignorance of the elements of being truly human (what separates Canadians from earwhigs)- for example USING intellect to seek TRUTH and form MORAL judgements based on REALITY? - CARING?

The pioneers would be Oh so proud! of what a wasteland Canada has become - how their efforts to establish a 'new land' have to be repeated over and over for lack of progeny to carry things forward - a lack of national will to live !

We're not multi-cultural... just perpetually seeking a culture that will stick. Right now we're working hard to have a rainbow culture which common sense dictates, will have its own troubles producing descendants. Then there is Quebec, who has a fictional culture that is really only a language on totalitarian life support ... None of which, naturally, is in the 'area of interest' of the current Prime Minister. (Why should he rock the sinking boat?)

Yeah Canada!


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