Canadian Doctors Advocate Euthanasia by Dehydration

In a statement released today, the Cdn Paediatrics 'bioethics' committee advocated the death by dehydration of children not otherwise dying.

Alex Shadenburg of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition comments :

When a person is actually dying and nearing death, the death occurs from the medical condition. But when a person has cognitive or other serious disabilities or conditions, but is not otherwise dying, when fluids and food are intentionally withheld or withdrawn, the cause of death is intentional dehydration.

Many leading bioethicists would like you to believe that there is no difference between killing and letting die, but in fact there is a big difference. When we allow the killing of a person, we are allowing an intentional action or omission to directly cause death. Letting someone die means that we are actually allowing natural death to occur.

Some bioethicists will refer to the "artificial" nature of providing fluids and food as the issue. This argument is false. We always receive fluids and food by some means, whether it be by a spoon, straw, bottle or mothers milk, etc...

You MUST be the advocate for your loved ones. You. In Canada, only doctors that you know personally to be true, can be trusted to have the survival of your loved one as their objective.

Canadian doctors practice the withholding of food and hydration, as "legally and ethically acceptable as part of a palliative care plan" - but how does that apply to a child who is not actually dying at the moment?

"The CPS makes clear that any decision should be based solely on the benefit to the child, while considering the child's overall plan of care."

When does it benefit the child to not provide food and hydration, causing death? Why does the CPS believe they hold the key to the 'rubric of human value'?

Who made them GOD?

Also troubling is the way that the Canadian media has no problem with this. As with other 'culture of death' issues (like abortion) they present information as if no public discussion should be expected. Canadians are 'told' what the deal is. That's the end of it. Accept.


Be part of that minority of Canadians that speaks up against the self-annihilating societal 'norms' perpetuated by ignorance, selfishness and moral depravity .

Save Canada from itself.

Canadian Physicians For Life


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