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PC Eugenics

"...With the development of prenatal genetic diagnosis, the drive toward eugenics has returned with a vengeance. Americans may heartily cheer participants in the Special Olympics, but we abort some 90 percent of all gestating infants diagnosed with genetic disabilities such as DS, dwarfism, and spina bifida. Not only that, but a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2005 found that of the approximately 5,000 babies born with DS annually, only about 625 were born to mothers who knew of their baby's condition before birth. Together, these figures suggest that under the regimen of universal prenatal genetic testing urged upon us by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the number of DS babies born each year could plummet below 1,000..."


Are You Listening Canada?

Its True! Senator Edward Kennedy did a 'stand up' thing. Kennedy has backed Senator Brownback in a bill aimed at reducing the number of abortions for 'reason' of potential genetic abnormalities.http://www.illinoisfamily.org/news/contentview.asp?c=33816

The new legislation would allow the setting up of a registry for those willing to adopt, and provide liason with support agencies for parents of children with Down's Syndrome (for example).

That's a bit better than suggesting that abortion may be the best 'choice' in the 'support' brochure!

Bill Of Rights Mandatory for Cayman - UK

That was the headline here, today. I've been saying that was the case, since I've read the transcripts of what the minister for Overseas Territories says about us in parliament. He's very reassuring....Cayman will follow our step. no fear!

Why then the charade of public forums?

The gov't has to maintain a veneer of 'independant' thought, or Caymanians may get antsy. They just may decide they'd rather not be aligned with Britain anymore. Anyone making money from banking (lots) would be very disturbed by this. Very. Doom and gloom would follow.

What to do?

As an overseas territory, we are expected to follow the EU convention, though it is not enforceable currently under our local law. This I presume, is the purpose for the insistence on embedding a 'Bill of Rights' in our 'renewed' constitution.

We are being sold down the river (to the UN and the EU) by our 'mother' country. Our stated choices are 1) comply 2) go independant.

Having researched the societal trauma suffered by the UK and Canada in recent years, at the hands of those pursuing 'rights', I shudder to think of the shock our humble Caymanians will have to endure. The ex-pats (who make up a fluctuating 50%) will feel more and more at home. Sigh.

C.S.Lewis Online

For C.S. Lewis fans, Louis Markos lists his favourite 'Lewis' websites:

On Deck for the Pope...

The Archdiocese of New York is very, very, excited about Pope Benedict's upcoming visit. So much so, that they have included in the run-up, a Papal Skateboard Art Design Contest!

Check out the entries at:http://www.archny.org/papalvisit/papal-skateboard-art-design-contest/ (h/t americanpapist)

WHO'S RIGHT? (is it)

Finally, someone on the right track....

"...One of the basic purposes of BC Parents and Teachers for Life, as spelled out in our constitution, is to support the legitimate rights of parents as the prime educators of their chilren. Not the provincial government, not school boards, not teachers' unions, but parents have the first responsibility in providing for their children's education. Nevertheless, what we are witnessing in practice is the infringement of parents' rights as regards the public schools. This infringement is taking place due to the increasing influence of groups whose special interests are in harmony neither with the interests of students nor of parents; nor, indeed, with the interests of citizens as a whole, who are paying for the costs of the public school system..."

...contrasted with these jokers in the UK:

To Be ot Not To Be...

Jeanne Chabot gives a personal perspective on cultural messages about pregnancy:

"...So what are we doing then, to ensure that women who DON'T want to have to choose between their own quality of life and the life of their child don't have to? Do we just offer abortion, call it the last resort solution and then leave women to choose without giving them any other viable solution? Do we offer unconditional support to pregnant women, or do we oggle ..."


A Mommy AND A Daddy!

Steven Malanga of City Journal discusses the root of poverty issues in the US:

"..Given that a significant body of research now shows that children raised in two-parent, married families do better in school, are less likely to wind up in jail, and are less likely to end up on welfare, the startling racial divide in marriage tells us that a new generation of children, especially blacks, are growing up destined to struggle academically, in the job market, and in forming their own families. And policy prescriptions like a higher minimum wage or tax credits are unlikely to help many of these kids. What they mostly need is another parent—usually a father... "


Christian Book Reviews for Parents...


Channeling The Pope...

A 'heads up' from 'the curt jester', on media arrangements for the Pope's upcoming visit (US):


The Al & Mike Show Live Stream, 8pm Eastern:


CHRC Proceedings - Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant writes about Tuesday's 'hearing' at the CHRC:

"..Steacy did make a few embarrassing admissions. But the bulk of his answers -- just like the bulk of Warman's answers on cross examination last year -- were "I don't remember" or variants thereof. Some of the things he didn't remember were investigative actions he did mere weeks ago; some of them related to standing policies of the CHRC. No matter; he just brazened it out with forgetfulness.
Stop to think about how important the integrity of investigations is in real courts -- how the chain of custody of evidence is maintained under lock and key; how every test and inspection is documented; the extreme lengths police go to, to avoid giving the accused grounds for objecting to any evidence, including oral evidence like confessions. None of that integrity is present in the CHRC; Steacy, Warman and the others don't even bother keeping notes -- or, if they do, they simply "forgot" to disclose them, like Goldberg forgot to disclose 300 pages until after his court appearance..."

Faith and Reason

Donald DeMarco writes a tribute to Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem, who exemplified 'scholarship wed to sanctity':
"In a most unusual tribute to Pierre Duhem, Francis Kelly has produced a biography in verse form of this faithful Catholic, physicist, mathematician, philosopher and historian that ends with the following words:
“Though he has gone, we feel his wraith
Inspiring us to trust our faith
And, with his courage, life to face
Now in our time and in our place.
And now it’s time to say amen
And end this story of Duhem.” "



Thorn in Brown's Side

"The Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, has called for a free vote "because Catholics and others will want to vote according to their consciences", while Scotland's Cardinal Keith O'Brien has described plans to allow the creation of part-human, part-animal embryos as "monstrous".
"It is difficult to imagine a single piece of legislation which more comprehensively attacks the sanctity and dignity of human life than this particular Bill," he said."

Obama Is Not King

This video, Protecting Black Life ,explains the Martin Luther King family's stance on abortion, and how it affects the black population in America. Could anything be more opposed to Barack Obama's position?
1200 black babies are murdered in the womb EACH DAY in America. Why is Barack Obama SUPPORTING this tragedy?

Abortions Hurt Men Too

A different perspective from the Jamaica Observer:


Informed Choice

(10 weeks, 20 weeks, 28 weeks/BORN)

New laws in Ohio and South Dakota require physician to give the mother access to an ultrasound of her child before aborting, or lose medical license:


For Your Listening Pleasure....

Austrian Cistercian Monks make an 'audition' video by request of Universal:

Universal Uncare

The development of the 'Rubric of Human Value' continues unabated. We have accepted the premise 'some are more equal than others', and are happy to let the 'pragmatists' get on with it.

"The rationing of health services is already a reality in America. Adoption of the "quality of life" ethic was deemed necessary by progressive forces as the instrument of its facilitation. And according to the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics, "The laws of all but ten states may allow doctors and hospitals to disregard advance directives when they call for treatment, food, or fluids." The stage is now set for extensive rationing, if the government were to take control of healthcare -- as is the case in countries such as Great Britain and Canada...."