LifeSiteNews Rocks - Detractors Are Wrong

Readers may have noticed that I frequently link to LifeSiteNews stories. This is because I have found them to be a reliable, fair and thorough source of information on life issues around the world. A recent Catholic Culture site review of LifeSiteNews would seem to concur.

Not everyone can bring themselves to accept that lay people have access to knowledge of right and wrong - even as regards Catholic institutions or individuals. They find it shocking and dangerous that the 'hierarchy of information' has been disturbed by the lowly person in the pew, sharing information and demanding accountability .

As patient as a mother of eight can be (or not) I am fed up with the pettiness and vitriol of some maligners of good journalists and faithful Catholics doing their Christian duty.

I care that my friends are being attacked maliciously and publicly and that those perpetrating this injustice are (mis)using their collars to gain an audience. I think it's wrong. A horrible example . Shameful. A scandal.

Am I being dangerous or 'hateful' to say so?


LSN: Charity Answerable To Truth

Especially For Fr. Rosica

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