IF I could vote (which as a non-resident, I cannot) I would vote for the candidate, not the party. In Canada, for a supporter of the culture of life, what other option is there?

It's not as if , in voting CPC, you guarantee that prolife views will even be heard. They won't be. The PM has taken pains to make that clear.

So since none of the possible winners (overall) are supporters of the 'culture of life', I would vote for the candidate in my riding that has the best understanding of life and family - regardless of party. What difference could it make- how could it be worse?

You may want to factor in economics, and freedom... in which case, I suppose CPC makes more sense marginally - but I would never vote for a CPC candidate who was life-ignorant , over another candidate who was solidly prolife. Never.

If I could vote...

National March For Life MAY 12 OTTAWA


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