Day 40 - 40 Days For Life

Every '40 Days For Life ' campaign, I try to post their meditations here each of the 40 days. Today is the final day of another successful, life affirming campaign. Babies lives were saved through the prayerful presence of people who care.

I am asking those who have been following this blog, or are here by chance today, to do what you can to help this spiritual and practical battle against abortion.

Today , on Palm Sunday, I ask you to take up the Cross and put yourself out for the poor struggling women in Jamaica. International forces (the EU,US and UN) have been relentlessly pressuring Jamaica to legalize abortion. The temptation, is the money offered to ease the economic woes in Jamaica. In other words, the west is asking Jamaica to sell its soul for a small purse. Sound familiar?

Fr. Ho Lung and the Missionaries of the Poor are neck deep in the battle to protect Jamaica's mothers and babies. His brothers, who already operate numerous centres for the poor in Jamaica and around the world, are opening 'Holy Innocents' - a centre that will protect and serve 200 women and 200 babies. The MOP offer all their services for free, and are dependent upon the generosity of folks like us...those who wish to share in the carrying of Christ's Cross .

Fr. Ho Lung has a musical gift, and though he doesn't read music, has been able to find talent around him to perform his music for audiences .His shows give the audience the opportunity to meet Fr. Ho Lung, hear his Gospel message in the musical productions, and to become aware of the work the MOP does around the world. This week Fr. Ho Lung was in Cayman with his 'Five Tenors'. Our family was privileged to attend Friday night's show, and we plan on returning this afternoon for his last show. Fr. Ho Lung also celebrated at every Mass today. Hopefully many will take up the Cross, and help the MOP in whichever way they can. Check out the MOP website, and see what you are able to do.

I can also recommend the retreats that Fr. Ho Lung offers several times a year. They are Ignatian in method (though shorter, of course) and silent. Before and after there are opportunities to visit and work at the various MOP centres in Kingston. The humility and simplicity of the brothers at work and prayer is very moving.

God Bless the Missionaries of the Poor and their friends and good works everywhere.

40 Days For Life

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