"Not In My Name..."

(aborted 9 week old human fetus)

"For years and years the government has funded abortions, supplied abortions, paid for them (since I started paying taxes) with my money. It wasn’t done in my name. And frankly, I don’t love the blood on my hands. In fact, this group was started so that women like you wouldn’t be the only ones to stand up at the time of the Morgentaler anniversary, to make a claim of “victory for women’s rights” as if you spoke for women everywhere. See, here’s the problem. You and your friends have been purportedly “representing” me in politics and the public square for quite some time. But you never did. It was frustrating, yes..."

If you have found yourself frustrated by the radical culture of death presuming to 'represent' you, in the name of 'all women', check out ProWomanProLife , and add your name to the "Not In My Name" list...


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