Stay Tuned : USCCB vs CHA

O.K. Here goes...

USCCB issues statement strongly opposing the proposed Health Care bill.

'Catholic' Health Assoc. issues statement supporting same Health Care bill.

Cardinal George (Head of USCCB) issues 'urgent memo' refuting CHA support for HC bill.

Other 'Catholic' supporters of the HC bill (and opposers of the USCCB, apparently):
(via Catholicvoteaction.org)

* Patrick Whelan MD PhD, Suzanne Morse, Lisa Schare and Steve Krueger of Catholic Democrats are sending out emails this week saying “Now is the time to pass health care.”
* Chris Korzen and James Salt at Catholics United are telling the bishops to “get behind” health care reform
* Morna Murray, Stephen F. Schneck, Lisa Cahill, Nicholas P. Cafardi and many others at Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good argues with the bishops that this legislation is actually pro-life and “supports pregnant women”
* Michael Sean Winters at American Magazine is more transparent when he writes: “Is the USCCB Right” (he presumes they aren’t)
* Megan Sweas and Bryan Cones at U.S. Catholic continue running interference for Democrat leadership in their partisan, loaded approach to the issues in their blog

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WOW! So many people calling themselves Catholic, and yet, somehow... it reminds me of this:

(rat terrier/lapdog)

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