The Audacity of the Dark Soul of Deception

Anyone petitioning Saint Joseph today, best pray for this woman. She needs brains, a heart and a conscience ... before her time expires. It is a particular insult to Saint Joseph, to invoke his name in aid of an evil healthcare bill. Saint Joseph was protector of Jesus in the face of Herod (who shared Obama's disdain for the value of a human life),and he is the Patron Saint of Families. Only a person without a shred of actual faith God could do such a disgustingly cynical thing. Pray God , that American Catholics are not as stupid as she thinks they are.

Dear Ms. Pelosi,
Perhaps you aren't lying, and putting your soul recklessly in danger of eternal damnation. Perhaps you didn't realize, or hadn't read, that many mamy more Catholic Sisters have denounced your life threatening legislation, than have endorsed it. Perhaps you have not heard the voices of reality and truth that have been correcting your scandalous errors and obfuscations every step of the way. Perhaps you are not cynically underestimating the intelligence of the average American voter.
I doubt it, but just in case....

The health care bill you are proposing has been condemned by the Catholic church as being against its social teaching. With all authority, the Catholic Church has condemned your bill. No faithful Catholic can support your bill in good conscience, because the Church has condemned the evil inherent in your bill. No amount of soft soap, dropping names of well known unfaithful Catholics, or calling on the saints, will change the fact that your bill is going to force Americans to pay for abortions. (BTW, that's not the only thing against the bill...seventh commandment impels us to NOT SPEND MONEY BEYOND OUR MEANS...)

Stop your insane spiral towards Hell. Go to confession. Get a heart, a brain and a soul. (follow the yellow brick road...)

ArchBishop Chaput "The Captivity of 'Catholic' Witness"

Orthodox Net :
"As a Greek Orthodox priest, I am compelled – in the Holy Name of our Lord Jesus – to rebuke and renounce this Bill as being demonic..."

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