Calgary Circus School : Part II

The University of Calgary 'powers that be' are so determined to keep a puritanically abortion welcoming atmosphere at their school, that they can't allow a dozen or so students to continue attending...in case they educate someone about the ugly reality of abortion while on campus:

John Carpay- Advocate
The University of Calgary has taken its war on free speech to a new front, charging its own students with "non-academic misconduct" for having erected a pro-life display on campus on April 8.

The group has put up the GAP display, which compares abortion to past historical atrocities through the use of graphic images, on the University of Calgary grounds without incident eight times since 2006.

In 2009, the university charged six students with trespassing in relation to the display, but the crown prosecutor stayed these charges prior to a trial scheduled for November 2009. The university has threatened participating students with non-academic misconduct charges on the occasion of each display, but this is the first time they are following through with their threat.

UofC has attempted to force the club to turn their signs inwards so they are not facing passersby, but CPL has refused to comly. Leah Hallman, CPL's president, told LifeSiteNews (LSN) that UofC's demand “is essentially saying that we can speak as long as nobody can hear us, we can show images as long as nobody can see them.”

Hallman explained that on April 8th campus security ordered them to turn their signs inward, but they refused as they always have. Then security told them to leave the campus and the students again refused, “knowing that we have the right to be there.”

UofC is charging the students with having failed to comply with an order from campus security, but according to Hallman, “campus security has no right to censor our ... legitimate free speech.”

Calgary Herald
No, they're not backing down, and short of being physically carted away by U of C campus security, they'll continue their fight, steadfast in their belief they live in a society where speaking out is a right, not a privilege.

U of C Campus Prolife press conference:
History will not remember what illegitimate excuse they used, other than as a derogative footnote; but history will remember their transgression against freedom, and it is upon this that posterity shall judge them.

So let the university do whatever action their twisted worldview sees fit, for we fear not the judgment of tyranny.

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