"Holy Sex @ 40"

Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor of National Review Online, reminds us of the 40th anniversary of Pope Paul VI encyclicalHumanae Vitae, and of what slow learners we have been!

...If you’re a woman getting angrier by the word as you read this, do yourself a favor: Instead of getting mad, psychoanalyzing me until your overworked Blackberry thumb gets tired, pick up a copy of one Karol Wojtyla’s Love and Responsibility. Do a little Googling on “Theology of the Body”. Take a little time for considered reading and reflection. In this context — yours and mine — what Humanae Vitae has to say is truly radical:

Conjugal love . . . is total [pleno]; that is, it is a very special form of personal friendship whereby the spouses generously share everything with each other without undue reservations and without concern for their selfish convenience. One who truly loves his spouse not only loves her for what he receives from her but also for her own sake. This he does joyfully, as he enriches [his beloved] with the gift of himself.

Lopez does a good job of contrasting the Church's prescience with popular culture's blindness, and concludes...
Don’t hate us because we’re Catholic — we’re happy to share with you something that really works. The Good News is for sharing.

Feminists in particular have been slow to realize how they have been duped into supporting the heaviest chains that women bear today...the popular culture's total disregard for the inherent value of a woman AS A WOMAN.

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Paul said...

Thanks for posting that. We need to keep shouting from the Housetops the truth of what marriage and love are.