I had been planning to join EWTN in the singing of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy this afternoon , dedicated to my Uncle PJ who died yesterday. All the kids were gathered with their rosaries, only to find that a live show had pre-empted the regular schedule - the installation of our new Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron!

Providence had us in front of the television to participate in the Mass (from a long long distance) and to become familiar with our new Shepherd.(You might not guess that Detroit is our 'diocese', but strangely enough- it is!)

Providence has also provided us with an exceptionally worthy and holy Shepherd. I can not express my gratitude to the Lord for helping us in this particular way.

After the Mass we prayed our Chaplet of Divine Mercy for Uncle PJ and were refreshed in Spirit by the couple of hours immersed in Christian Hope and Charity.

Somedays I really really love being a Catholic mother .

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