Rainbow Pop

(This would explain how the Obama/Pepsi logos are interchangeable. Obama-ade?)

Pepsico has put millions of dollars into groups that actively seek to promote homosexual lifestyle through legislation. The Westins will no longer be purchasing ANY Pepsico products because we don't want to support a company that is working against the welfare of our family and our society. They are actively working against marriage and family in US and Canada. I particularly resent their television ads which are propaganda for homosexual behaviour, and accessible to children whenever the television is on.

Sign Petition, read the details of Pepsico's social engineering attempts and see their despicable ads at "Boycott Pepsico".

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Dracil said...

You may want to boycott Google (and blogger and adsense and any sites that use adsense) given that they gave $100,000 to No on 8.