"EWTN Grabs NBC Fumble"


CatholicVote.org’s new pro-life ad will air Sunday on EWTN’s “Faith Bowl” broadcast.

EWTN added the ad following NBC’s decision Wednesday to refuse to air the pro-life ad during this Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast.

As first reported by the Daily Blog, CatholicVote.org was told by NBC and the National Football League that the pro-life ad was rejected because they don’t want to air any ads about ‘political candidates or issues.’

The Daily Blog has repeatedly contacted NBC officials, unsuccessfully seeking a more detailed explanation of why the pro-life ad was rejected.

This shouldn’t be interpreted to imply that the Daily Blog is recommending that Catholics and other pro-lifers should boycott watching Sunday’s football extravaganza. We’re not.

But we do recommend tuning in beforehand to EWTN’s pregame “Faith Bowl.” Along with airing the CatholicVote.org ad that’s too “controversial” for NBC, the show will feature Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Mark Loretta and Antonio Soave, a former professional soccer player and current director of the Benedictine College School of Business, analyzing the role Catholicism and Christianity play in professional and collegiate sports.

The Faith Bowl airs at 5:30 p.m. Eastern, half an hour before Super Bowl XLIII’s opening kickoff at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium.


Jesus Is Coming Soon said...

with the ads in the past ???
I do not like football anyway ..check this video

Renee said...

Hey, if they're going to ban atheist ads, at least they're being consistent.

island breezes said...

The "imagine the potential" ad rejected by NBC can be found at

you tube