Hey Doug #4 - Mexico Has REAL Catholics

In spite of a federal push for abortion access, individual states in Mexico are standing up and protecting life.

The Mexican State of Colima has become the latest to reject an initiative by Mexican socialists to legalize abortion, in a 19-1 vote in the state Congress.

The representative who formulated the law, Adolfo Nunez Gonzales of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), attributed his loss to the influence of the Catholic faith in the state, which led the liberal Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) to vote with the more pro-life National Action Party against the bill.

"It's not a secret for anyone that the Catholic Church is a sector with a lot of power and weight, and that, of course, what is said in a church one Sunday or whatever day the mass is done, influences the people to analyze it all week," he said. "PRI members are not foolish and know that if they have a good relationship with the Church, it can encourage the votes of many people."...

If only Mr. Kmiec had had the same conviction of faith and reason as his neighbours to the south...of course, they had the support of REAL CATHOLIC VOTERS!!

I wonder if Mr. Kmiec sees the same potential for reduction of abortions in the federal socialists in Mexico, as he sees in the social engineering policies of President Obama?

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