Right Hand of God

Our parish uses the 'Worship The Lord,Jamaica' hymnal. Not exclusively, but almost. While one could easily find it wanting, today's recessional hymn brought me to tears - for Canada. Canada needs these honest, humble and God fearing prayers:

" The Right Hand of God is striking in our land,
Striking out at envy, hate and greed.
Our selfishness and lust, our pride and deeds unjust
Are destroyed by the Right Hand of God.

The Right Hand of God is healing in our land,
Healing broken bodies ,minds and souls.
So wondrous is its touch with love that means so much
When we're healed by the Right Hand of God.

The Right Hand of God is planting in our land,
Planting seeds of Freedom, hope and love.
In these (Canadian) lands, let His people all join hands,
And be one with the Right Hand of God."

Together with today's Gospel and readings, I couldn't help but reflect on how much Canada is suffering from its separation from the Right Hand of God, and how much Canada needs humility and repentance.

It doesn't seem likely, yet I'm hopeful - based solely on my confidence in His love for me, a great sinner, totally undeserving.

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