Shakin' My Head!

The National Posthas a perfect example of what happens when liberals are given their head - you find out there's nothing in it...

"According to Statistics Canada, a fifth of teens are not using protection during their first time, and that means sex educators are not resonating with young adults and so should consider a more "nuanced" approach, said Terry Humphreys, assistant professor of psychology at Trent University...
...During a presentation called Pleasure-Based Education for Youth, Carlyle Jansen, founder of Good For Her, a Toronto sex shop, and fellow retailer Renee Pilgrim drew the ire of their peers after they whipped out an enormous brown dildo and a plush, purple puppet shaped like an equally colossal vulva...
...Ms. Pilgrim paraded it around while Ms. Jansen illustrated how to fit a condom on the dildo --using her mouth; then the women shared tips for using the female condom.
They are just some of the explicit how-tos that the women are shopping around at Toronto high schools, universities and community centres as part of the Good for Her Sexual Health Education and Pleasure Project..."

Oh Yeah. I want MY kids to be taught about sex by these guys! "Hey kids, would you rather learn about chastity, or hear some titillating sexual details while watching role playing using velvet puppets?" Duh! (Actually, I have no doubt my kids would leave the room!)

I think our(family) method is working out a bit better:

1)Know and Love God, and appreciate the value He gives you.

2)Learn to reason, so that you can, when ready, compare your handed down tradition (it helps if there is one) with your own personal experiences and accept (or reject) them on your own terms. (In other words, own them.)

3)Don't look for a girlfriend unless you're ready to get married.No dating before you are 18!(This one was established by the oldest, and maintained by the sibling pecking order - thus far!)

We keep very close watch over our children. We know their friends' families. They go out mostly in pairs (or more). We have standards of purity that are often discussed and debated - and mostly maintained. (Includes movies,speech and clothing, as well as attitudes towards self and others.)We teach respect for life from day 0ne. No kid has any doubt that God knows each child from conception, and loves them intensely.

Although we are likely the 'strictest' family in our immediate surroundings, the kids are well known and respected, and well liked in our community. Everybody knows them - they are very friendly and open and generous. (This is possible because they are well supervised.)They are healthy, active and happy kids.

We also send the kids, so far, to at least the first year of college at a very faithful Catholic liberal arts college, where there are plenty more kids with the same outlook on life - positive and secure in the knowledge of God's love for them.

When they leave for college, we feel we have done our part. I trust that they will maintain their relationship with God and with His church. So far so good!

I cannot perceive of a better way to prepare my children for God's purpose in their adult life, including their sexuality, than to introduce them to Him, and keep Him central to our every day. Sexuality is not an item on a menu, or a subject in school. It doesn't stand alone, separate from the reality of the rest of your life. It is an intensely intimate part of God's relationship with you. To treat it as separate, is to diminish its actual importance. Its not virginity that is the 'gift', but sexuality itself - a gift from God, and shared with God and whomever God has created for you.

Why do some people love themselves and others so little, that they try to cheapen everything important and beautiful, in the name of 'sophistication'?

I'm sorry, but a 'velvet vulva' is not sophisticated, its sophomoric. The myopic idiocy of these 'educators' blows my mind. The first thing I thought of was "They're drumming up business for Planned Parenthood!"

I think I'm right about that.

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