Fr. Raymond de Souza wonders "When Did the Bible Become 'Hate-Speech'?":

"Four years ago, I wrote an article entitled "Thinly Disguised Totalitarianism" for the religious journal First Things, surveying the erosion of Canadian religious liberty under various regulatory bodies, professional associations and human rights tribunals. I wrote then that "there are no restrictions on freedom of worship in Canada today." That's no longer true.

As Ezra Levant details below, the Stephen Boissoin case is an egregious assault on religious liberty, press freedom and freedom of speech. And for those of us who previously underestimated the threat to religious liberty, it serves as a rude correction..." (h/t the black kettle)

IMO..all the hate is coming in one direction, toward those who desire freedom, the kind of freedom God offers us, based on love. They hate us, because we know we are loved, and we love others.

Love is a very dangerous opposition for facists. Normal fear mongering doesn't work against love!

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