How The Irish Saved Civilization - AGAIN!

LISBON TREATY REJECTED! HURRAH for democracy and freedom!

Naturally, since the EU requires all 27 signatures on the Lisbon Treaty - Irish rejection has scuttled it- the 'leadership' of the EU is forging ahead anyway.'We regret the Irish decision but...'

(BTW, Why did only the Irish get the vote?)

No soul-searching. No wondering why the only democratic result is a NO. Just keep on going. Maybe they can convince the Irish gov't to 'overule' the referendum. Maybe they can convince the Irish to hold referenda successively until they get the result they want. Maybe they can 'dump' Ireland, or impose sanctions.

I'm sure there's no end to totalitarian suggestions being bandied about.

But just remember...it was the Irish that understood what had to be done, and did it!


John O'Sullivan (the Corner)
Brian Cowen(Breaking News)
Paul Wells(MacLeans Blog)
Jay Anderson(proecclesia)
O'Donnell(Hidden Ireland)

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