The First Great Irish 'Save'

Pope Benedict reminds us of St. Columban, and the first time the Irish saved civilization (the second time being their NO vote this week!):

"With good reason," continued the Pontiff, "he can be called a 'European' saint, because as monk, missionary and writer, he worked in several countries of Western Europe."

The Holy Father added that the monk, "along with the Irishmen of his time [...] was aware of the cultural unity of Europe." He said that the monk was the first to use the "expression 'totius Europae' (of all Europe) with reference to the presence of the Church in the Continent."

How ironic, that the Irish have now to protect themselves from Europe's unity in 'Godlessness', and by doing so, once again give Europe a chance to come to their senses - before they perform cultural 'hari kari'.

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