A Helpful Hand for Obama

Worthwhile campaign advice for Obama from Terry Michael at BOOKER RISING:

"As Democrats prepare to do battle with John McCain this fall, we need to dispel two comforting but self-defeating myths about recent failed White House campaigns. These canards are also shared by many editorial page pontificators, who ascribe 1988 and 2004 losses to crafty Republicans working their negative-advertising black magic, Willie Hortonizing Michael Dukakis and swift-boating John F. Kerry, who were either excessively noble or maybe too slow or too wimpy to fight back. Evil may have lurked in the souls of those GOP operatives, and Democratic consultants may have been constrained by nominees unwilling to dirty their hands. But it wasn’t why we lost. What the Republicans really did was to rope a couple of dopes..."

(Not that I'm anxious to help out (au contraire) but I find the commentary at BOOKER RISING, from across the political spectrum, to be fairly reasonable.)

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