Nova Scotia : Province Of The Dead

Nova Scotia has had more babies aborted than the populations of Bedford,Sackville and Truro combined...

Julie Culshaw writes:
Sixty Thousand and counting! That's the number of babies that have been aborted in the tiny province of Nova Scotia between 1970 and 2004. For some reason, this doesn't even appear on the radar of any of our political leaders and, if you tell them, they simply ignore the statement. Yet, they are concerned with creating jobs, providing health care, looking after seniors' care, programs funded by grants, on and on, without ever once considering that all of these things require tax-payers to fund them.

With fewer and fewer people actually being born, where do they think these taxes are going to come from? I heard an alderman last week saying that we had to do something in this province to attract Maritimers to return here, to reverse the flow of workers to central and western Canada searching for work. Never is there a mention of the declining birth rate and one simple thing that could be done to help reverse that: strongly advise women against abortion.

Hello? anyone paying attention to the number of births in the province? Stats Canada shows that in 2007, there were 8868 babies born in Nova Scotia with approximately 1700 abortions for the same year. Nova Scotia is the province with the second highest percentage of elderly people, as those who should have babies aren't, and the percentage of the population that can actually have babies is decreasing...


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island breezes said...

Starting with 1970, the oldest of these aborted would be about 40. At the peak of their productivity, and the youngest that the statistics include would be about 6, just into school.

Anyone else think the NS economy reflects the loss of these people?

I'd just like to thank 'Dr.' John Hamm for his memorable part in destroying hope in NS.

Naturally, he's the Chair of 'Assisted Human Reproduction Canada'. A 'doctor' who refuses to admit the humanity of a human fetus,(when asked directly) is helping guide policy on conceiving...what? Aliens?