BIG BLUE WAVE: The Pro-Abortion Scandal in the Canadian Catholic Church Continues

Through some investigation, Suzanne proves the connection between the 'feminist ministries' in Quebec dioceses and support for scandalous investment by Development and Peace. As she says, 'the foxes are in the hen house'!

The head of the Diocese, whose Women's ministry works with a hard-core pro-abort group, Msgr Martin Veillette, is President of the Quebec Assembly of Catholic Bishops.

(And the Quebec Assembly of Bishops has its own network of women involved in "la condition feminine. How entrenched is pro-abortionism in the Quebec Church?)

Now if he's letting a pro-abort work under him, do you suppose he is going to be thorough in making sure that no money serves the interests of any pro-abort group?

I have reason to believe this is not the case.

How are we supposed to have an authentically pro-life agenda in this Church when the foxes are in the hen house?

Is it any wonder that Development and Peace, a group rooted in Quebec, has trouble understanding what the fuss is all about?

And of course, the Americans have their own problems with the CCHD...

Please , someone, rout them once and for all! (Anyone in Rome listening?)

For a perspective truly 'pro' women, listen to Andrea Mrozek's talk to the Ottawa Students For Life here.

Our priests and bishops need to start meeting REAL women, instead of the re-cycled plastic replicas from the 70's.

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