Sebelius A Troubling Choice - Bishop Naumann

Bishop Naumann directly addresses the serious threat to individual rights, of having a radical abortion supporter to head up HHS and health reform.

The Leaven:

...The protection of conscience rights for individuals and institutions is extremely important. The Obama administration has already expressed a desire to rescind the policies of the Bush administration to strengthen conscience protection for health care workers and providers. President Obama, when he was Senator Obama, co-sponsored the so-called Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) that was introduced in the previous Congress. That version of FOCA would have, among other things, forced health care providers to cooperate in abortion. Regretfully, Governor Sebelius throughout her political career has been associated with and supported by Planned Parenthood, NOW, NARAL and others advocating for abortion to be considered a “health care right.”...
...The appointment of Governor Sebelius as the secretary of HHS concerns me on many levels. With her history of support for legalized abortion and embryonic stem-cell research, it is troubling the important influence that she will have on shaping health care policies for our nation. Having elected President Obama with his own record of support for legalized abortion, our nation should not be surprised by his appointment of a secretary for HHS who shares his views. Though many people voted for President Obama not because of his support for legalized abortion, but despite it, voters in effect gave him the ability to appoint individuals who share his anti-life views to his Cabinet and, even more troubling, to the courts.....

In this excellent address, Bishop Naumann highlights all the battlefronts that President Obama has already sent his Generals to. In the Culture of Death war against human life, General Sebelius is well suited for the job.

The continued dissolution of American society by a nihilistic President and his minions will be ugly. And as Bishop Naumann points out, hardly a surprise.

What's to be done?

Keep doing what we are doing.
Educate the ignorant.
Hope for change.
Pray that as few people as possible get sucked into the vortex of evil.
Trust in God.


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