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Saint Mary's University student forgets to get her story straight before offering 'daft' interview in 'The Journal'.

Scott Gilbreath:

...Ms Taylor’s “defence” is full of faulty assumptions, erroneous arguments, and dumb mistakes. The unnamed SMU Journal reporter who conducted the interview is complicit for failing to challenge her foolishness.

Taylor cites as precedent SMU’s cowardly decision to cancel a debate between former philosophy professor Peter March and alleged racist Jared Taylor in March 2007, but she gets crucial facts wrong. According to her, the university cancelled the debate “in an effort to protect students from the pain and suffering that is inflicted by the promotion of hate speech”; but that’s not what SMU said about it. The SMU press release she herself quotes refers only to “high security risks and potential threat to both our campus community and to visitors”.

The press release also says this:

The University remains committed to academic freedom, diversity of opinion, and supports open debate in a forum that does not put the personal safety of our community at risk.

Taylor does not allege that Mr Ruba’s presentation endangered anyone’s “personal safety”, so the press release that she relies on as justification does not actually support last month’s display of anti-free speech fascism...
Hello! She refers to the Canadian Human Rights Act, but quotes from and links to the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. Does she know what she’s talking about?

In any case, taking the law into one’s own hands by presumptively shouting down a speaker is not one of the legal remedies set forth in the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. One must lodge a complaint with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, which will decide if the complaint is worthy of further action.

She calls Ruba a racist because he cites Martin Luther King, Jr, in support of anti-abortion views in what she thinks is a misleading and manipulative fashion. A racist is someone who thinks that some races are inherently inferior to others. Quoting a black man with approval is prima facie evidence that Ruba thinks blacks are equal. Taylor may disagree with Ruba’s interpretation of King’s words but, obviously, that doesn’t make Ruba a racist.

Besides, in view of Taylor’s self-serving misuse of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act, it’s a little rich for her to complain that someone else is being “misleading and manipulative”.....

I'm sure Ms. Taylor is unaware that Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece, frequently quotes her uncle in her prolife advocacy work.

(I sure hope my son is receiving a better education at SMU than Ms. Taylor apparently is!)

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