Hey Doug #11 - Look! More Abortion Support!

Look! Its another 'Catholic', Kathleen Sibelius and ....wait a minute! She's openly promoting abortion of every kind! She's honest about it!

She has been appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services by your POTUS. What a radically 'culture of death' move for your 'moderate' president to take. Perhaps he really meant it when he spoke to Planned Parenthood and promised them a land of plenty.

...In choosing Kathleen Sebelius as his Secretary for Health and Human Services, President Barack Obama has appointed yet another pro-abortion Catholic to a key position in his administration.

And the appointment of the Kansas governor may prove to be Obama’s most controversial pro-abortion pick of all.

If confirmed as HHS secretary, Sebelius will have authority over many areas that have a direct bearing on the life issue. And as Kansas governor her pro-abortion record has been so flagrantly at odds with Church teachings that last year her own bishop, Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, told her she should not present herself for Communion until she seeks to repair the public scandal caused by her support for abortion...

We wait with bated breath your next Obama abortion apologetics. It should be good!

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