"Holding AJ"

"Holding AJ" by P.J. Stewart, Jamaica.

AJ is an orphan I met at 'Bethlehem', a Missionaries of the Poor home in Kingston, Jamaica.

Father Richard Ho Lung, the founder of M.O.P., is the best example of love in action I have met. His current 'new' project in Kingston is a 'mother and child' center to help women who are pregnant through their pregnancy and delivery, and afterwards. They are gathering building materials, builders, medical supplies, and volunteer medical personnel. This project comes at a time when Jamaicans are being pressured to legalize abortion.

Fr. Ho Lung depends entirely on donations and volunteers. His order has homes and centers helping the poorest of the poor in Jamaica,Uganda,Kenya,India, Phillipines, and Haiti. They tend to the poor as humble servants. The Missionaries of the Poor also draws most of its Brothers from these same poor communities, and the numbers they are drawing are overwhelming at times!

If you have time for prayers on their behalf, please pray .

If you have the ability or time to help them in other ways, please help.



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