Rainbow Soup?

Campbell's has decided to ignore the McDonald's experience, and the family values expressed by the buying public, and go after the niche of 'gay family' soup eaters.

Good on 'em. They are ridiculously overpriced anyway! (And not very healthy.)

I'm already not buying their soup (I make my own, delicious, soups) but I join in the boycott of Campbell's in spirit. I hope they feel the indignation of normal families who don't appreciate their children being ambushed by 'gay soup' commercials in their prime time viewing. (Actually, I'm boycotting television in general for this very reason!)

Mind you, they are perfectly free to come up with the worst advertising campaign they can think of, just as we are perfectly free to despise it!

Freedom is a two-edged sword.

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Anonymous said...

I won't be buying any of their soup either.