Prayer Call For Fr. Richard John Neuhaus

Raymond Arroyo of EWTN :

I don't often ask for favors, but I am hoping that you can oblige me on this one. My friend (and frequent on air co-host) Father Richard John Neuhaus is very ill and could use your prayers. I ask you to remember him in prayer as we begin this new year. Here is a bit of a note that Jody Bottum, the editor of First Things was good enough to send my way:
"Fr. Neuhaus is in the hospital here in New York. Over Thanksgiving, he was diagnosed with a serious cancer. The long-term prognosis for this particular cancer is not good, but it is not hopeless, either, and there is a possibility that it will respond to the recommended out-patient chemotherapy treatment.

Unfortunately, over Christmas, he was taken dangerously ill with what seems to be a systemic infection that has left him very weak. Entering the hospital the day after Christmas, he was sedated to lower an elevated heart rate and treatment was begun for the infection. Over the last few days, he has shown some signs of improvement, and there is a reasonable expectation that he will recover from this present illness—sufficiently, we hope, that he will be able to begin the chemotherapy for the cancer."

I saw Father Neuhaus in New York after Thanksgiving, following his last hospital stay. He was weakened but in great spirits. Surrounded by his community, a brandy in one hand, he held forth on an array of subjects with his usual wit and candor. There is no one inside or outside of the Church like him. I ask all of you to pray for his recovery and that he may be granted the strength to return to the work he so loves--the work we so need him to continue.

Thank you, Raymond

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