King of Death - Canadian Hero

Barbara Kay:

Abortion czar Dr Henry Morgentaler will be receiving his Order of Canada in a quiet little ceremony in Quebec City today. The typical OC is inducted in Ottawa amongst his or her peers. So it is fitting that Dr Morgentaler's should be in Quebec, where the abortion rate is double that of the rest of Canada, and therefore the least likely place in Canada to draw a large protest. Ah well, just one more symbolic displacement from the centre of Canadian life for the peripatetic abortionist.

Dr. Morgentaler was born in Poland. By coincidence CNN has been running a series this week, Eye on Poland, which offers "wide-ranging reports on this complex country tackling a time of transition; from Warsaw to Sopot, to Gdansk, Krakow and Lodz." The series has much to say about the country' history, economy, political progress, arts and so forth. But thanks to information I received via Vancouver medical researcher Brent Rooney, who focuses on premature risk factors, here is a little known fact about Poland that is unlikely to be aired on CNN: Since 1995, Poland's extreme preterm birth rate (XPT) per 100 live births has plummeted by 98% ...

...While the Polish XPT rate has dropped by 21% between 1980-2006, the U.S. preterm birth rate has escalated by 44%. The reason for Poland's "preemie miracle" can be found in the induced abortion rates for the corresponding years. In 1989 Poland instituted a very restrictive abortion law. In the next four years induced abortion rates went down by 98% per 100 live births. Opponents of the law predicted a health disaster. But not only did the preterm rate decrease, maternal mortality also declined by 41% according to studies reflecting rates from 1995-97, while infant mortality decreased by 25%. You can check out the uncontested research link between "prior first trimester induced abortion" as an "immutable medical risk factor associated with preterm birth" here.


So Thanks Dr. Morgentaler. You are certainly a hero of women's health in Canada. I can certainly understand why the Governor General went out of her way to support your honour as a Canadian hero. I can certainly understand why the media has made such an effort to promote your heroic deeds.

NOT. Most Emphatically NOT!!

In all of Canadian history, no man has been MORE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR CANADIAN DEATHS than Dr. Henry Morgentaler. The King of Death. Canada's most prolific mass murderer. Champion of baby deaths and women's sterility.

The ORDER of CANADA retains NO WORTH. And Canada is a dupe of genocidal proportions.


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Anonymous said...

On December 5, 1995, Dr. Henry Morgentaler wrote an Open Letter to the Polish Pope John Paul II, until very recently this letter was posted at; http://mypage.direct.ca/w/writer/pope.txt

In that letter Dr. Henry Morgentaler, self proclaimed atheist (secular humanist), dully licensed Canadian medical doctor, self proclaimed abortion specialist who claims that he could teach real gynaecologists few tricks of his own (Dr. Morgentaler was too busy with his advocacy to make any specialisation in medicine see: http://www.cpso.on.ca/Doctor_Search/summary.asp?Type=ADV&intCurrentPage=1&sNameRefNo=0025139) wrote quote,

"How can you compare pre-cerebral embryos and
fetuses to real live people as if they had the same value? Is it not
possible for you to distinguish between potential life--which is
present in billions of spermatozoa and ova, which is present in
billions of early embryos—and the actual life of a person? Are you
aware that about half of all embryos are spontaneously shed in what
is called miscarriage or spontaneous abortion?

If spontaneous abortions are “an act of God”—to use the common
expression—is it not strange that God has so little concern for fetal
life that he allows so much of it to go to waste without intervening?
Is it not possible to then conclude that God does not mind or object
to spontaneous abortions? Why is it that the Catholic church has
nothing to say about, has no ritual to mark, the abortion of so much
fetal life when it occurs spontaneously, yet becomes so vociferous
and condemnatory when it is a conscious decision by a woman or

One would have to ask; was Dr. Henry Morgentaler “the atheist” so ignorant of modern medicine or was he so religious when he wrote his open letter to the Polish Pope??
Other possibility is that Dr. Morgentaler mistook the Pope for a sucker and was intentionally misleading Pope and the public while writing on causes of miscarriages by blaming "God" and His Divine intervention as the one and only cause of miscarriage instead of looking in the mirror and referring readers to modern scientific information on human reproduction; botched prior abortions (bone fragments imbedded in uterus), faulty DNA recombination, Rhesus-conflict, and many other factors that are well established as causes of miscarriages, and pre term births.

I grew up in Catholic family, in Poland, very Catholic country, and I have witnessed with my own eyes my sister-in-law’s heroic efforts to carry two children to full term after suffering two miscarriages.
During that time I have never heard that God might have had anything to do with problems that my brother’s family faced. I do remember distinctly that my brother and his future wife were advised by the doctors before their marriage took place that his blood type “O” Rh +, and his future wife’s blood type “O” Rh - , represented Rhesus-conflict that might lead to miscarriages. Despite these grim predictions they went ahead with their marriage, doctor’s prophecies were fulfilled and they had 50/50 success rate in their procreation efforts.

Could it be that those who believe that the Bible is the literal truth and have committed mortal sins of abortion (murder of the innocent) have no faith in God’s forgiveness? Could it be that people who sinned against their God and their Religion find their comfort in rejecting God and denying his existence?? Could it be that people who sinned and subsequently rejected God and their own Religion are attempting to build their own churches on East side of Eden in the land of Nod that God ceded to Kain after he killed his bother?? Could it be that in their efforts to build their churches they are willing to use any materials (contorted beliefs) that they can find in that barren land??? Could it be that by bestowing Order of Canada on Dr. Henry Morgentaler (greatest mass murderer they could find in Canada) they are trying to silence voice of their own conscience??? Could it be that they are desperately trying to legitimise in our eyes Dr. Henry Morgentaler's and their own inhumanity???