A Principal in South Carolina resigned his job in a demonstration of personal integrity his students and teachers will not see often in their lives:

"'Allowing the formation of this club on our campus conflicts with my professional
beliefs and religious convictions,' wrote Walker in a letter to Lexington-Richland School District Five officials.

Walker also contended that the GSAC would conflict with the goals of the school’s abstinence education program.

'The formation of this club conflicts with my professional beliefs in that we do not have other clubs at Irmo High school based on sexual orientation, sexual preference, or sexual activity.'

'In fact our sex education curriculum is abstinence based. I feel the formation of a Gay/Straight Alliance Club at Irmo High school implies that students joining the club will have chosen to or will choose to engage in sexual activity with members of the same sex, opposite sex, or members of both sexes.'"

I wonder how the parents will respond. How will they discuss this in their home - because whether they realize it or not, whether they want the responsibility or not, they have the most influence on what their children will take away from this contact with a man of integrity.

Will they teach their children the value and meaning of truth? Any bets?

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