Two by Two (threes come next)

I realize that PEI is the last province to make these changes, but it still irks. One more reason not to rush back to the farm :

"The governing Liberals pushed the bill through first, second and third reading Tuesday, with the full co-operation of the Opposition Conservatives.

That means the bill has cleared the house and will become law within days.

The bill includes clarification of same-sex couples' rights to adopt by changing the Adoption Act. The words "married couple" will be changed to "spouses" to include same-sex and common-law spouses.

The Consent to Treatment and Health Care Directives Act is also being redefined to recognize same-sex and common-law relationships. That law outlines who can make decisions for somebody who is in hospital and unable to make treatment decisions for themselves."

Sometimes I wonder if any of these politicians have 'spouses' or children they care about. I can hardly wait for the 'before and after' analysis in 20 yrs. time. Sad.

Soon PEI will have nothing worthwhile left but the red stains on your swinsuit.

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