Obama For PM (UK)


Maybe Obama should consider running for Prime Minister in the UK, you know, if this 'Pres. of the US' thing doesn't work out for him. Seems things might be to his liking, fit his philosophy of 'death for all inconveniences'. As an example, rendered by nurse'Kay' from the UK:

" a description of how at 24 weeks the child is often strong enough to be alive – and then must be left to die on the side of an NHS sink until breathing his, or her, last"

'Kay' has been sending letters to the media , in advance of the vote for limiting abortion to 20 wks, in hopes of highlighting how frequently late terminations are acquired for purely selfish reasons. I think that was her point. A better point might be that the baby that survives abortion, struggles to live, and is left callously to die IS IN FACT A LIVING BREATHING CHILD!!!

Now, there's a case Obama could stand behind...letting the child die to spare the convenience of the more important people...like him. (He could probably find a good group of 'Catholic' MP's to support his candidacy...)

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