Where Do Catholic Kids Go To College?

We have two teens preparing to enter university in the fall. Finding the right college for each of them has been challenging. They would like to go to authentic Catholic colleges, but they would also like to continue their success in sports, and study in specific areas of interest. As we have eight children and a single, modest income, cost is also a concern.

Its not easy to match up all these criteria!

One helpful tool has been The Newman Guide.

It has also been helpful that the two eldest attended Our Lady Seat Of Wisdom and are pleased with their experiences there. (Both found wives, but that's another story!) Shane is now studying law, and Joseph is a fire fighter, finishing a business degree.

The search continues....!

(The OLSWA Winter Pilgrimage to Midland)


MilitantMom said...

It is a great concern to us as well. Of our ten, 2 have gone to Newman Guide schools (Franciscan and DeSales), 2 have gone to state schools in Colorado but have been involved in FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students). I hope our other children are all able to go to Newman Guide schools. Nevertheless, I believe a motivated student can find a nourishing Catholic environment at many schools that might otherwise be overlooked. For example, I've heard there is a great Catholic campus ministry at Princeton as well as other big secular universities like Texas A&M and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. BTW, we have a good friend at OLSW and she loves it!

island breezes said...

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Peggy Seeley said...

"Have you considered the new Catholic college in Wyoming? I encourage you to check
it out. It was founded on sound principles and faithfulness to the Magisterium.
Also, a wonderful young man we know (an old friend of the family) who just received
his PhD from the Catholic University of America will start his career there this
fall, teaching literature."