Canada Asleep

An interesting and insightful perspective on the Canadian psyche, from Julie Culshaw:

...Here in Canada, we already have abortion funded by our tax dollars, so the fight that is going on in the US right now against their health bill no longer applies here. In fact, we never fought that at all.

There is a different mind set in Canada, one that accepts government control in many areas of our life. The trouble with that is that people tend to become apathetic, because they figure that the government will take care of things. For instance, the poor can get welfare, so we don't have to help them. The unemployed can get EI or welfare, so we don't feel the need to help those who have lost their jobs. Everyone can get medical help if necessary so we can leave the helping to the people trained to do that.

This lets us off the hook. But as Christians, we know that we are not off the hook. Jesus calls us to love our brother, He calls us to be the good Samaritan and act out of love for our brother and sister in need.

How can we do that for those babies in need who are being aborted? There seems little we can do here in Canada, except to pray. But I sincerely believe that our prayer must be public. Our witness to the sanctity of life must be seen as a public witness...

Canada is a somnolent nation. Content to sleep in personal comfort while a hundred thousand Canadian babies a year are killed in the womb. Happy to doze while their personal freedom to speak up about anything is dissolved for lack of interest.

I am proud of my Canadian forefathers, their Christian heritage exemplified by their willingness to sacrifice for family and country, their work ethic, their interest in the 'meaning of life' and their community spirit. I am proud of their entrepreneurial courage that helped build the west. I am proud of their fortitude in the face of physical and financial disasters. They were strong, Christian, hard-working , loving and happy . They were poor with large families, satisfied to contribute to the future prosperity of the nation.

How has that contribution been wasted by subsequent generations? We are definitely better off physically and financially, but are we better people? Are we happier? Do we feel certain that there IS a meaning to life, a TRUTH that makes everything important and worthwhile? Are we Christian?

Some Canadians are Christian, of course. And some Canadians who aren't, are still striving for TRUTH. Unfortunately, I don't believe that Canada as a whole is very interested in TRUTH, in some ways it is really against the very idea of 'truth'. They are so far gone, that they don't believe 'truth' exists.

Where's the Joy in that?

No wonder they sleep!

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