Tiller Death

The murder of George Tiller has, in spite of the fact that his killer acted alone, encouraged a vitriolic condemnation of all who have opposed abortion and abortionists. Seems the 'culture of death' is not above using the death of one of its own as a catapult for pro-death hysteria. No doubt an increase in abortion friendly money, elections and legislation is in the future. The red-herring of 'pro-life terrorism' will be haunting us for a while.

Father Frank Pavone has some guidance for those of us who continue to insist that EVERY HUMAN LIFE IS SACRED:
The biggest danger right now to our movement, in the light of the killing of Dr. Tiller, is the enemy within. I'm talking about the fear, the self-doubt, the little voice inside of us that makes us feel guilty now for saying that abortion is murder, that might make some people feel guilty for being too aggressive in the effort to stop the killing of children, maybe make them afraid of going out in front of the abortion facilities to intervene peacefully for the lives of those children. The enemy within that would make some people believe what the other side is trying to say, that somehow we in the pro-life movement are responsible for this violence because of our violent rhetoric and because of our decades of efforts to expose the reality of what abortion is.

Because I am a believer in the loving mercy of our Lord, I am including Dr. Tiller in my prayers. If he made it to purgatory, we can use his prayers also!

'Oh my God, forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell, and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of thy Mercy.'


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