Truth Seekers And Obfuscators

Many Catholics worldwide have been following the scandal, broken by Lifesite News earlier this year, of Catholic charity Development and Peace funding groups that are involved in abortion promotion. Particularly disturbing is the breach of trust between the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Canadian Catholic sitting in the pew, donating to 'a good cause' .

One reaction to the news coverage and investigation by Lifesite News, the many letters from concerned Canadian and international Catholics, the pleading of Bishops whose efforts to stop abortion in their own countries are being undermined, and the just decision of some Canadian Bishops to discontinue support for Development and Peace, might have been for the CCCB to take steps to end the duplicity of a Catholic charity funding groups who participate in direct opposition to Catholic social justice.

Instead, and shamefully, they have chosen to whitewash and deny, maligning Lifesite News in a published report that perpetuates a misrepresentation of the facts. Also maligned publicly by President of the CCCB, Archbishop James Weisgerber ,are the Catholics in the pew who take enough interest in their church to keep up to date on Catholic news, good and bad.

One wonders why an organization such as the CCCB, with no 'church' authority itself, would take it upon itself to chastise the honest and forthright efforts of regular Catholics to understand, share, and follow the Catholic faith.

Then again, this is the same organization which produced and has yet to regret the Winnipeg Statement. Thank God for those Canadian Bishops who are faithful shepherds. Canada needs all the help it can get.

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