Real Leadership

Northern Ireland's four party leaders united in their vocal rejection of an abortion amendment that would 'bring them in line' with the rest of Great Britain:

"The four leaders of the parties in the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly -- Dr. Ian Paisley of the Democratic Unionists, Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein, Sir. Reg Empey of the Ulster Unionists, and Mark Durkan of the Social Democratic and Labour Party -- wrote to members of the British Parliament.

They stated their opposition to any potential amendment and said local legislators in Northern Ireland should continue to have the oversight when it comes to making abortion laws."

In spite of a bill being passed in 2007, rejecting the loosening of abortion restrictions, MPs must remain vigilant to prevent the imposition of Britain's mores on Northern Ireland. The latest attempt to use the 'Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill' to push through the changes won't be the last.

Any country with ties to the EU will be under constant attack until they fall in line with the UN/EU goal of absolutely free access to abortion for all women in the world. Its the 'New World Order'. Gov't sponsored abortion as 'women's health'.

And its working out so well in Russia, they are making advertising abortion illegal in an attempt to roll back the tide. Good luck with that. Too bad for their self-inflicted demographic crisis.

Is there ANY hope that others will learn from this? Perhaps stand up?

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