Is England Worse? (Than Canada?)

Is it possible that the English could be even more oblivious to the rapid erosion of 'freedom of speech' and 'freedom of association' than are the Canadian sheeples?

(Daily Mail) "More than 10 million people are to have their everyday disputes, their politics and their business lives checked by new "tension monitoring" committees.

The committees are to be set up to try to cut the risk of riots or disturbances in the aftermath of terrorist outrages or outbreaks of local racial trouble.

They will ask for and file reports on named troublemakers whose political activities are considered to be raising community tensions.

Reports on the behaviour and attitudes of local residents will be collected by community workers, neighbourhood wardens, local councillors and provided by voluntary organisations, according to a paper published by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears today." (Was that 'communities' or 'communist'?)

Is it that the people don't care, or that they have resigned themselves to the inevitable downward spiral of repression and oppression by bureaucrats with totally self-serving secular humanist 'values'. (Of course , the 'bureaucrati' wouldn't identify themselves as secular humanist etc... That would require some kind of recognition of a personal philosophy, and I don't think philosophy is rated very highly by this lot!) There seems to be no self-awareness at all. No conciousness of the dissonance between their proposals and their proclaimed 'progressiveness'.

Hypocrites or idiots?

Forgive me for taking all these things personally. Cayman, as an 'Overseas Territoty' of Britain, will ultimately suffer from all their disregard for democracy and freedom. Our only hope is that their mistakes become so obvious that even the laid-back Caymanians will rise up against PC dominators,and protect their right to be an 'island of respite' in a sea of tyrannical rights advocates and 'correctness' police.

Rant Over.(h/t 'Dispel')

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